Help newbie!!! Running with pushchair or pram ?

I've never EVER been a runner. (I'm using the term lightly at the moment as it's more like hobbling forwards) but something had made me decide that c25k would be a good idea. I've just finished w1r3 and I've been pushing my 2 year old in a quite large definitely not built for running pushchair. Am I making it even harder for myself??? I failed w1r1 twice before finally making it to the end (thanks Sarah millican.)

I'm a secret runner (hobbler) but would it be better to actually tell my husband what I'm doing and go out in the evening toddler free??


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  • Why are you not able to tell your husband?

  • I think in my head I'm going to breeze through the weeks and be super successful at running then surprise him and everyone with my amazingness.

  • But i might just have to tell him!!

  • I've done this in 'secret' as there are plenty of runners in the family who would offer 'advice' but my husband (who is a triathlete) did know as I raided his various supplies and he has been really supportive. While running with a pushchair can be done, you will enjoy it a lot more if you have 'me' time so that you can concentrate on your running.

  • Thanks. I'm the unfit black sheep in a family of marathon runners. I know they'll all be super proud of me, i just want to be able to run for longer than 60 seconds before they find out!!😂

  • You wouldn't be the first to do the programme like this. Not easy but do-able.

    Whether it would work better to plan to go solo depends on the needs of your particular child and the availability/reliability of your husband. Even when it is not about the needs of a young child, any time your running is dependent on someone else that's a challenge (to judge from forum posts), so it may even out, unfortunately.

    Good luck, however you do it - you can do it!

  • Thanks. My husband will be mega supportive when he finds out. But we're pretty busy evenings..... the 2 year old in the buggy shouts "faster faster!!" And that's kind of encouraging i guess?? Day time buggy running it is then!!

  • Ah that's so lovely... and I do wonder sometimes whether the whole 'me time' always meaning 'away from the children' sets them up for a negative view of keeping fit/looking after yourself if they are not yet comfortable with it (Speaking as the child of an exercise obsessed parent... it took a long time before I realised I could do this my way and not have family life revolve around it)

    Of course it really doesn't have to be either/or... the crunch will come if/when you've a child who won't go in the pushchair...

  • We were funnily enough just discussing why we (in our family) tend not to ask each other for help but would rather imagine a 'ta-da' moment when we startle everyone with our prowess. I think I could really enjoy being involved in a loved ones endeavour from the start. And the ta-da is often kind of a bit of an anti-climax if they haven't seen us striving...anyway just rambling. Must go out for a shuffle! Good luck with your next one. I love the idea of a small coach yelling from the pram! 👏👏👏

  • The last Saturday in the month in Luton there are "pacers" for the 5K Parkrun, one of them paces pushing a buggy and laps me without any trouble! If like me you're lucky (and it sounds as if you are) then involve the family and enjoy their support. But whatever you decide make sure you enjoy it ... won't be long before that buggy-coach of yours is running off way ahead of you and you struggling to keep up. The briefing at my local Parkrun sometimes tells sub-10 yr olds that their job is to make their parents run faster .....

  • I've just reached the second week and have found that going out at 8pm when all three are in bed and my husband is downstairs 'keeping an eye on them' is a nice chance to get some me time. It's nice to reflect and just take time out of the "mummy, mummy, mummy" cycle.

    I don't think I could run with our buggy (it's a double, so read that as definitely couldn't) well done you on going for it though! 😊

  • Of course tell him, he'll be proud and supportive.

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