Couch to 5K

me being me again

hi was bored last night and decided to do week 9 run 2 back to back with wednesday since my las two runs were both the full 5k decided last night jst to do the bare 30 mins which i did and intended posting tonight but i'm afraid i just had to push it as usual

so straight after work into my running gear and off down the taff trail just to see if i could thought well if i cannt ill just walk what i could not do and just call it an exercise night

but i have only gone and done it week 9 run 3 all done and dusted did not go for the 5k stopped and walked after 31 mins

Will have to think about my name change as i have only gone and done it and to prove it sitting here soaking wet with sweat with a grin like a cheshire cat

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Well done! I'd say your name needs to be changed now ;)


see ma t'other response. You Rock! You are a Runner!!!


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