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Almost graduated, not able to run for 5K yet



I have 1 run left of week 9 and then I'll finally be a graduate! It's a great position to be in and certainly not something I ever thought I could do back when I started in New Year. This is honestly the fittest I've ever been!

So that's great, but I've not run 5K yet. If i exclude the 5 minute warm up walk, my last 30 minute run (and it was exactly 30 mins) I only covered 3.95K (with warm up walking its ~4.76K). So I'm almost there but does anyone in this situation?

I guess its just a matter of building pace and fitness to be able to run 5K in 30 mins? That being said my last run had the best pace of any run ever! woooo!

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There are hundreds and hundreds of posts just like yours here, so many people are covering almost exactly that distance in their 30 minutes - me included, and I graduated 18 months ago! You should be very proud of your progress, and yourself! You're a runner now, it doesn't matter a jot how far you can go, unless you make it matter..


You are doing fab, don't worry about the 5k in 30mins, I don't think many people do that prior to graduation. Speed and pace is something that will increase naturally as your strength and stamina improves. Some people choose to focus on it after graduating. I focused on distance and found that my speed then improved on my shorter runs. Good luck on that last run!

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Me too, graduated with a parkrun in 43 minutes. Graduated about 28 weeks ago and more interested in increasing distance rather than speed and slowly built up to 10k. My 5k comfortable speed is 34 minutes now so I think if u go out and run 3 times a week X 30 minutes (or 5k) speed will build with ur fitness. Not sure I will do a sub 30 minute 5k ever but I'm not trying too as enjoying running and staying injury free are more important right nowk

Just search that question on here. It is probably te most oft asked question on the forum.

You are doing fine. Slower is better at this stage.


Haha ! Still aiming for the sub 30 5k here nearly two years post graduation.... Just don't worry about it. Have fun with your running and do what YOU can do. Good luck for your final run of the programme.


I think my first 5k was achieved in over an hour, and that only because the blasted dog had gone over a wall after wildlife and I was doing my nut trying to get her back *and* blowed if I was going to let the annoying creature stand between me and my goal. Turns out I can run and not just talk but bellow.

Thanks for all the supportive advice and comments, it really is very reasuring to know that I am in the same position as a lot of people!

I want to enjoy running and, whilst keeping injury free, increase my time. Even thinking about doing a parkrun 5k soon! However for now I'll just see if i can stick to 3x as its slipped to 2x week because of work/colds etc

Thanks everyone!


Congrats on your run; keep going, forget the 5K bit, slow and steady and finish the are a runner! :)


You're doing well. Nearly there :).

Don't worry about making 5K. I did my w9 r3 last night and managed 4.19km in 30 mins. That's the best I've done. There seems to be a lot of us who don't quite get to 5K but the fact we can run for a full 30mins non stop is pretty amazing isn't it :)

What everyone else said :) Don't worry about the distance, I graduated and didn't quite hit 5k, like many, many others... We'll get there soon enough :) You're doing so very well x

Enjoy being able to run for 30 min, it is quite an achievement. Then if you want, you can increase your running time to cover 5k gradually. You can also do the c25k+ podcasts to work on speed. The great thing is that after graduation, you can do what you want.

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