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C25k Graduate. Who, me? YES, Me!!

Well, I did it!! I've completed the Wk 9 challenge!

Wasn't my best run; for some reason, even though it's what I've been working towards for 9 weeks, I just wasn't enthusiastic this morning and even thought about leaving it another day but decided that's the slippery slope! At least the sun was shining so I really had no excuse.

Went a completely different route just to mix it up but hadn't realised there were a lot of long slopes along the way which I could have done without! In retrospect, it probably wasn't that hard but I just didn't seem to have my rhythm today. Still, I managed 4.68km in 32.03 so I'm pretty pleased with that. I had hoped to do a little more but started to feel a tweak in my lower back and decided that it wasn't worth the risk.

BUT - I've graduated!! I set myself the goal to complete it by Christmas and I've achieved so much more than I ever thought possible when I set off on Week 1 and ended up gasping and exhausted!

I've run for over 30 mins, and further than 5k.

And I'm chuffed to bits!

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Absolutely brilliant dottie and congratulations! You have every reason to be chuffed to bits! Relish the moment and welcome to the grad club!

Sue x


Well done dottiemay!!! Brilliant! Enjoy your hard earned graduation :)


Well done you! Got the bottle in the fridge? :-)


Congratulations, Dottie!! Merry Christmas!! What a brilliant present to give to yourself...a fitter you topped off with a shiny new "Graduate" badge!! :-)

Enjoy your success!! You most certainly have earned it!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done and huge congratulations on your graduation. I bet it feels amazing, all that hard work has come to fruition.......take a bow ;) x


Well done dottiemay! Hope you enjoy the next run, sure you will!! :)


Thank you everyone! Yes, it does feel *very* good!

Good luck to those of you who are so close yourselves - keep going, you can do it too! :-)

love dottie xx


Well done dottiemay - you're amazing.Congratulations on your Festive season graduation.


Well done and congratulations! Isn't it an amazing feeling when you look back at the first week's workout and realize what you've done!?


Congratulations, you graduate you! Well done, and enjoy that feeling - you deserve it :)


Well done Dottiemay... this is agood week for new graduates it must be the Christmas target thing. I think we can enjoy some of the Christmas trimmings now knowing we can run off those extra pounds in the new year.


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