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I ran for three minutes, twice and I didn't die!

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Hey runners!

I did it.

I ran for three minutes, twice and I didn't die!

I was nervous for this run because 3 minutes does seem like a long time especially verbally when you say "three minutes" instead of "90 seconds" but when you think about it it's only double 90 seconds.

I actually woke up quite irritable and have been stressed out so I ran quite early in the morning today as I felt two things, 1. I wanted to get it done and 2. I felt like I somehow needed this.

I think I did too.

I think it was nerves.

The only thing I didn't like today was the weather. It was absolutely bloody awful. I mean it literally started pissing down as soon as I got out there and the wind was brutally cold. Like ice.

Luckily I went and did some online shopping last week and bought me and Doozer a weatherproof running rain jacket each. I got them on sports direct for £17 reduced from £69.99... Bargain!

I've noticed it's so much easier to run in horrible UK weather when you have a lightweight rain jacket on instead of a heavy soaking wet hoody!

It was hard today though I won't lie. The first three minutes felt like forever. Then I got told it should look like I'm walking from behind a hedge, which made me paranoid that maybe I'm bouncing around and wasting too much energy but I'm not sure because I do run slow and lazy, I'm definitely not trying to run like a cartoon character.

The 90 second runs subsequently did feel easier for once.

I definitely had my anxious brain on today which is good because I got through it and I'm now reflecting and figuring out how to make things better on the next run.

The main thing that got me through today was counting breaths. But this time I only counted upto 10 then would start again, every 10 breaths. I found that if I try to count all up to 100 I lose count 😂

I think I counted a lot today to curb a panic attack it obviously worked.

On my next run when I do 3 minutes I want to purely just focus on the music I'm listening to rather than counting as if I can't wait for it to be over. I need to remember to relax and try to enjoy the run, just counting away a panic attack isn't how I want to spend all of my runs. I've had some good ones recently so I know that I am capable of enjoying running.

Also, there were so many people about today.

The weather was so atrocious and the air was so cold that I actually had water coming out of my eyes and nose at one point and people still said hello to me. That's mad, it must be a village countryside thing. No one says hello to me in Essex 😂 😂 😂

Also did anyone else get wheezy on their first time doing week 3 run 1?

On my last 3 minute run I swear I sounded like one of those air mattresses being pumped up with a foot pump I could hear it over the top of my music 😂

The best thing about this is knowing I can run for 3 minutes straight even if I'm running so slow I feel like a snail could overtake me 🐌

Overall this run actually felt shorter than last weeks. I'm guessing because there's slightly less stopping and starting.

I also really was surprised after my 5 minute walk down because I actually felt like if I was told to do another run, I probably could. I think that's a good sign, that maybe I'm starting to recover quicker and more effiently than a couple of weeks ago 👊 💪

Doozer still isn't well so he's off the hook. I'm hoping to get him back on board after the weekend 😉

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Well done. Finishing any the runs gives a great feeling.

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That’s brilliant! Bit by bit you are getting fitter. I finished C25K last November, and I remember feeling so chuffed after getting the 3 min runs done. I really didn’t think I had it in me at the time, but it turns out, like you, I did. 😁 Try not to ever doubt yourself - and running slow is the way forward, trust me. 👍 Well done. x

Hi and Well done! Yes definitely invest in some good running gear for sure especially in the winter. No point in making it harder for yourself being cold and wet. I am in week 2 of couch to 5k.

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BirdyRose in reply to Runner5492

Hey you're literally a step behind me how are you finding it so far?

Don't worry too much about the breathing and counting at this stage

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Well done on the run (& Mali g me smile as no read your comments)!

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Thank you - I am on week 2 and the thought of 3 minutes is a bit off-putting so I am glad you managed it. Also it has reminded me to get some wet weather gear!

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BirdyRose in reply to mafee

Sports Direct has massive sales on atm and does next day delivery 😉

If your hoody is cotton get rid of it. I've posted a couple of times cotton especially in winter is a death trap. Holds rain and sweat which will make you freeze.

Get some running or hiking gear that wicks away wet and condensation. I use 3 top layers in the cold, and if raining a light waterproof.

Now onto 4th consolidation week (thats 13 weeks) and only used waterproof twice, been sunny most runs.

Brilliant, well done! I’m one stage behind you, was running today thinking ‘can I do this for 3 minutes?!!’. An improvement from last weeks ‘there is no way I can run for 3 minutes’ 😂

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Very well done. It quickly becomes a habit and the programme really is very measured. Good gear ( esp shoes) is well worth the investment to keep you warm and dry and injury free. Makes the runs much more fun if the weather's a bit iffy.

Good luck and keep on going!

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Well done! Especially in poor weather.. u still got out there and did it which is great 😁🏃

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I just did w3r1 today too. I was really worried about the 3 minutes but actually it was ok. The first one was harder than the second, and at the end i honestly felt like I could run a bit more.

I got a bit wheezy at the end of last week when the air was really cold, but it wasn’t so bad today.

Well done, let’s do it again on Wednesday 😁

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