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I did it! I ran for 8 minutes - twice!!!

Oh my god - I'm on such a high I had to blog straight away!

I've just got back from W5 R2 and I only went and did it! I was really nervous tonight as a) the weather is so cold and windy and b) the little gremlins in my head were convincing me I couldn't do it.

I decided to set off nice and steady - not too fast (thanks Greenlegs :-) ) It felt fine and when Laura said I only had 60 seconds left I was quite shocked as I felt like I must have a few minutes more left (and that I could have managed a few minutes more). Second run was a bit harder but I just tried to zone out and was thinking about my kids. This time I was glad of the 60 second left announcement! And then it was over and my word, I felt like I'd achieved so much. Can't believe that I struggled to run for a minute not that long ago.

It's been a great day as went dress shopping today and had to buy a 12. Yes a 12!! Just 8 months ago I was a size 18 and struggling to find nice clothes. Now I'm buying lovely dresses and am a runner :-) :-)

Sorry this is a bit long - can you tell I'm happy?!?

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Well done to you for the weight loss and for an excellent run, keep going your going to get to the end no problem at all,


Well done!! W5R2 is my next run, scared but looking forward to it. I too have lost quite a bit of weight and am now size 12. It is so nice to buy clothes in normal/cheaper shops, that look good, isn't it?


Thanks. Yes I love shopping now! I keep going to expensive shops in my lunch hour and trying on dresses just for the thrill of them fitting and looking nice! Need to win the lottery if I want to buy them! Have just discovered the joy of Primark too! I want to lose some more so just want cheap clothes until I'm in the next size down.

Well done on your weight loss too. Here's to the slimmer and healthier future :-)


Lovely blog! I really like reading the longer ones. Good that the steady bit worked for you - I still find it hard to remember for myself though!

I bet that clothes shopping felt really good too. :)


Fantastic Kel!! A great feeling isn't it and superb weight loss too! :) Yes I think you are one very happy bunny!! :D

Sue x


Well done and thanks you are the inspiration that I need right now. I ran W5r1 tonight and can't think how I can possible run for 8 minutes in a couple of days but your blog was just what I needed!!!


I ran w5 r2 today as well, I had been putting it off because of the cold and snow, but once you're out there and have Laura guiding you it's never as bad as it seems!

Ditto on the clothes shopping!!! I got down to size 12 last month and have done some window shopping/trying on just for the fun of it. It's so hard to resist buying though...


Well done everyone! I can only dream of size 12s at the minute. Need to drop a dress size to get there. I did w5r3 today and have to admit it was no where near as bad as I expected! I found r2 quite tricky as set off too fast in the first 8 min run but today I possibly 'ran' the slowest I have ever done just to make sure I completed it. When Laura said I'd ran 5 mins I wanted to kill her and 5-10 went very slowly but after that it was fine, I got lost in my thoughts and before I knew it she was telling me to stop. I NEVER thought I'd be completing 20 mins today so if I can do it, you all can. Good luck and remember, going slow is even more important for the longer runs :-)


Fantastic - both the runs and the weight loss! Keep up the good work :)


That's great news LondonKel.....there's nothing better than achieving what you thought was impossible ;) Continue with the fantastic work for both the running and the dieting. Long posts are great to read and especially when that person is so makes me smile to. Keep running as you are now....steady and you'll be fine for the next few big runs. Look forward to hearing how it goes :)


Hi all

I've had a busy day and only just got round to reading all the comments. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement - it really lifts me and inspires me to keep going. I've never encountered such a lovely supportive environment - I think this board and everyone on it are amazing.

The big run looms tomorrow so I'm nervous but in a kind of excited way too. I shall think of you all and blog as soon as I'm back.

Good luck all and thanks again x


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