Lead filled legs & shoes today

I decided that today I would try out the C25K+ stepping stone podcast. I also decided that I would change my route & run through the opposite side of my village completely forgetting that there is an absolute pig of a hill to get out of the village. I was also, for some unknown reason, feeling quite tired today but nevertheless I went out. Oh my goodness, what a struggle! Legs didn't want to move and felt like they were made of lead and then 1 minute after the warm up walk came the hill......and the traffic.......and there's no pavement so into the muddy grassy verge I went. Forgot to change Fitbit to run mode until 9 mins into run and then forgot to activate it! I hit the wall 3/4 of the way through the podcast & had to phone for rescuing. Well, we all have days like this I suppose but the positives for today are that I managed to run 2/3 of the hill, negotiated a slippery downhill path and actually ran, albeit for 15 mins. I now have a new route & a new challenge - to run all the way up that hill without stopping. Happy running everyone. x


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13 Replies

  • Oh Dhiny - sounds like a bit of a mare today however it is the new challenges we need to do to build on our foundations. How did you find the Stepping Stones in general? I feel elated in completing my programme but not sure what to do now with all that we have done.

  • The Stepping Stones was ok & useful because it confirmed my running pace is ok. I found Laura's constant talking a distraction tho, I couldn't get into a zone because she kept coming in to tell me about pace , then running style, then to prep for the next part of the run, 5 mins run, etc. I will go out on my own next time without Laura & see if my run is better.

  • Just go with whatever you feel is right Clairey - consolidate running for 30 minutes or take on a new challenge.

  • That does sound like a tough one today. Starting with a hill is always difficult - I'm not looking forward to more daylight runs when I can't put off my hill like that (no footpath so I won't go up the road in the dark).

    But as you say, you've put down a marker now and have something to aim at next time :)

  • It was a tough one today but I've decided to run the hill twice a week & have a short run on those days & then run my usual route once a week just to keep my hand (or should that be foot? lol) in and maintain 30 minutes running non stop. I nearly packed it in but thought back to Wk1 when I thought 60 seconds of running was difficult - mostly a mental challenge but I will not let a hill get the better of me :D :D

  • I had lead legs today too and needed a couple of walking breaks on the hills. Wednesday I shall do park run route and see how that goes this week. I'm considering the stepping stone podcast so was interested to hear your view on that. Have you tried the speed and stamina podcasts yet? I'm wondering what to do next x

  • I haven't tried the speed & stamina, only the stepping stones. I found it ok but Laura irritating because she is constantly talking throughout the podcast. It is useful to start because she gets you into a steady pace but then she is piping up talking about running style, then how long you have been running for, a reminder to stay running on the beat, then what is coming up next. I couldn't get into a zone because of the interruptions. For checking your pace though it is ok but it is genetic, not everyone runs at 150 steps per minute. Try it & see what it is like.

  • Thankyou. This week I have juat been going out and running 5k each time.and not been pushing myself. Just nice to go out for the sake of it and.not because I'm on a schedule.

  • I pushed myself a bit more today & chose a route with more inclines. I could hear a personal trainer I had a few years ago telling me to get out of the comfortable rut I was in & push myself & Michael Johnson saying to push through to the end and so I did. It is good to challenge ourselves because if we never try, we will never know what we are capable of. Xx

  • Well done, especially for not giving up and for being determined to go back and do it again! I have been ranting about hills recently and have christened one particularly evil specimen near me Killer :D I can't get up it in one go yet but I will! You will too. Perhaps only go back once a week rather than twice? Mixing up your running keeps you fresh and builds up your stamina and your running legs.

  • There is a less steep hill the other end of the village so I think I will mix & match through the week. I am confident that I will eventually conquer the hill 😛

  • I did stepping stone this week too and had the same issues - I discovered my natural pace is 155 and struggled to do the slower one. But my stepping stone run was my worst by a long shot and I ended up walking the whole 4th ikm . So you are not alone!! I also hated Laura popping in all the time with the 1 2 3 4 all this time. I just wanted to let you know you weren't alone 😀

  • Good to know it isn't just me 😀

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