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Repeat after me.... A bad run is better than no run

My comeback from a summer off running has been going OK - and a week ago I successfully ran w6 r3. I followed this with w6 r3 again and hoped to do it a third time today.....

Before even getting out of the door the omens weren't good. My phone had no charge - meaning no music and no emergency phone. Scrounged spare phone from daughter (no charge on that so scrounged another spare phone from other daughter). Found trusty ipod to supply music...... no charge. OK I thought - it looks like it's a music-free run today. I'll use Garmin to measure time.

Off I went.

Normal start to route includes one of the hills for which this neighbourhood is now famous with me. Usually it's deserted. Today there were runners everywhere. As I neared the top of the hill (and went down the other side) I became very conscious of the noise I was making - something like an antique steam engine. Quite embarrassing and I only got to know about it because of my lack of music today.

On and on I puffed - but really my heart wasn't in it. Eventually I decided to cut short the route I'd planned - with the unfortunate consequence that I would have to tackle the hell hill aka hill of doom, which I've never conquered before. Well, friends, you'll be pleased to know that I managed to stagger/run half way up, which came after about 14 mins of running. I then walked 4-5 mins and run another 5 or so before walking home.

So not a great run overall. I could blame last night's wine and excess food or various aches and pains that cropped up but basically I think I need to run 3 times a week not 2 - and make sure my phone is charged the night before! I'll give it yet another go on Tuesday.

Have a nice week all!

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We really shouldn't worry about the antique steam engines, I thought I was puffing and panting this morning when I ran up behind the dog walker, I gave him a right start when I said 'coming through' (I didn't want him changing 'lanes') and had to apologise when he said I'd surprised him! So as much noise as you think you're making, you're probably not!

Glad you got out there, and yes any run is better than no run!


Reminds me of the time I ran up behind a dog walker, she turned as I passed her and said 'Oh, I thought it was a horse behind me.' I knew I was puffing a bit but even so......


That's a bit rude of her isn't it? A dog walker moved to the side for me once a long time before I reached her and I gasped something like "didn't know I was that noisy" - she protested that she only heard the footsteps (this was a long time ago before I went anywhere near hills when wearing running shoes)!


Well done. Remember no matter how slow you are going it's still faster than those on the couch.


Oh yes! I go much faster than even a speeding couch!


Well, you know what was going through my mind as I read your post? Thomas the Tank Engine. I could just hear you puffing your waybto the top of the hill ... "keep on going, keep on going" said thinner. "We're almost there!" replied fitter. Soon, thinnerandfitter reached her favourite spot - the top. "There, we made it," she said.

Down the other side - "not too fast, not too fast" but the naughty Garmin kept on pushing and pushing until thinnerandfitter was fit to burst'.


I'm a sad old git, aren't I?


LOL. I spent hours on end watching Thomas with my son when he was little. Not sure who was enjoying it more me or him.


Ha ha Malcy - I'll try thinking of Thomas the Tank Engine next time! Not feeling very thin OR fit at the moment!


You have so nailed it there thinnerandfitter.

A bad run is better than no run. Or take the half-full half-empty view. Not a bad run just not as good as the last run. :-)


Hmm - don't think even I can put that much of a positive spin on yesterday's run. It really wasn't good in any way at all (except getting half way up the hill of doom...) I'll go back to normal route tomorrow - the hill of doom route goes past a huge 6th form college and I'm not going anywhere near all those students at 8:30 on a weekday morning! Normal route has a long but gradual climb that I've one several times now.


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