Finding my mojo with Mr Smooth!

Finding my mojo with Mr Smooth!

Well, after reading some posts on here this morning and seeing a Park Run post on FB this morning, I reluctantly pulled on my gear and headed out the door.

I'd started the programme some months ago in June or was it May? Calcuating the weeks and anticipating completion in July, I progressed through the programme. However runs of 25 mins plus proved a stumbling block and I lost my mojo.

Recently I changed coach, discovering Mr Smooth by accident and went back W5R3 repeating this 3 times. I have also added running up a bit of the hill at the end of my route, as pictured.

Last run on Friday, I added 2 mins extra, after a 3 min walk. Today I decided to return to W7R1 to run 25 mins. I kept telling myself, "it's all in the mind, you can do this", and every so often taking deep breaths in and out, especially when Mr Smooth reminded me I needed more oxygen!

Well, I completed 25 mins the last 5 mins was hard but I did it! I also did the hill at the end, incredibly funding this easier than previously, maybe it was a fluke! I certainly seem to be recovering quicker and take this as a sign of increasing fitness.

I return to work in September with the new school term so will find it harder to fit in my runs but hope to complete and graduate soon!

I'm thinking that it might be easier to do a long run on Sundays and shorter runs in the week or possibly have one morning of hill runs, increasing the number of times I can run up the hill after walking down!


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38 Replies

  • Well done fellow smoothie... 25 minutes non stop running with a hill at the end. You evidently are a proper runner. And it's great you're planning for a running future. Good luck and happy running

  • What's this 'mr smooth'? X

  • Hi, Mr Smooth is a pet name for Michael Johnson (the American sprinter) who is one of the virtual trainers on a version of the C25K app. Give him a try and you'll see where the name came from! I think Jancanrun can take the credit for that one!

  • Ah, I've used Michael Johnson before. I'm using jo whiley now. I want them to talk more. Encouraging me all the time lol. There's long periods in between which gives me time to think about how tired I am. I'll change my settings and use him Saturday. 😊

  • Hi Nozza03, I was using Jo Whiley and everything was going swimmingly. However I struggled when reaching 25 min runs and think I progressed too quickly, when I'd have been better consolidating 20 mins first.

    I did this with Mr Smooth and found he helped with the mental aspect of running.

  • I think there's some secret crushes too??!! he certainly get us girls through with his smooth tones...& he doesn't answer back or get offended when we swear at him...

  • Yeah, I agree Mummycav

  • I also agree with Michael Johnson. He has a very smooth voice which does ease the pain for a newbie like me 😋

  • Indeed, good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • As lardofale says, it's a pet name for Michael Johnson, one of the virtual trainers on C25K. I kept reading posts on here about a Mr Smooth and couldn't work out who he was.

    I worked out his identity when I accidentally clicked on him when changing trainer part way through the programme.

  • Ah sorry chaps that was me - an overactive imagination. I chose the name because he is smooth and calming and also no disrespect to the other coaches, I felt he knew what he was talking about. I love Jo W and Sarah both, but they just didn't do it for me.

    As you get on the longer runs they just don't talk enough. Funnily enough being just the other side of graduation I want a post grad Mr Smooth podcast.

  • Actually, I think saying less on the long runs is better Jancanrun. When they suddenly say you've got 'x' minutes left my mind goes omg I'm dying and it's still 5 mins! I just like the odd note here and there, perhaps reminding me to breathe, lol!

  • Its just me loving Mr Smooth, thats all.. ;)

  • I live him too now! Jancanrun

  • Thanks Jancanrun. I am feeling more positive about running 🏃ATM, after a spell of difficult runs.

  • Well done 👍🏼 I also have Mr Smooth with me all the way and find it most enjoyable 😉

  • Thanks Kimchoc08, he seems to help me with the mental aspects of running.

  • I love it when he says "you got this". I even find myself replying and saying thank you!!

  • Don't remember him saying that, maybe he says it after W7 or I've been too busy concentrating on breathing or putting one foot in front of the other!

  • Or maybe I'm hearing things?!! Who knows?!!

  • You don't have to re do the run just replay the podcast, I'm trying to work out how I can splice bits of the audio into my phone so I can stay motivated when I hear him. But he does say it I think from about W4/5 onwards maybe...

  • When he says, You got this!' I get it. X

  • Come September you just get up earlier...:) Well done you for getting back to this anyway.

    Sundays are my longer run days,,, I love them.. the just, see where I get to runs:)

  • Get up earlier Oldfloss! My alarm goes off at 6:30 and up at 7:00, usually on road by 8:00 at latest. I'd have to get up about 5:00!

    I'm an owl, rather than a lark, unfortunately! To wit ta woooo!

  • When I taught..I did get up at 5🙂 In school by 8-15😃 I have always been an early bird..a lark maybe😆

  • 5:00 am! Don't think I could unless I got to bed early. 23:00 is my usual.

    I'm an Advisory Teacher so have to be in the office by 8:30 unless I'm visiting schools which varies as I plan my own diary.

    By the time I'm home 🏡 I'd only have a few hours if I went to bed early!

    Also need to fit in Pilates, Spinning and would like to try Box Fit and Yoga. No time for work, ha ha.

  • Old age and retirement does have it's advantages😉

  • Indeed, I keep suggesting to hubbie that I drop a day but he reckons I'd work on my day off.

  • rest days include gardening, housework, exercise and currently at least five miles a day with small runner in training..she in buggy!!! Soon to be fulltime carer too for two days...when Little Mum heads back to work !!!

    Work some ways..easier 😄

  • Ha ha Oldfloss much better to be active and keep fit.

  • And who wants to run in the dark, anyway? I'm mourning the end of summer now as soon I won't be able to do my early am runs before work as it won't get light 'til 7.30am. And it'll be dark by the time I get home. Think I'm going to have to join a gym, which I don't fancy. Roll on next February!!

  • I hadn't thought that @JenniferCMS! (Don't know why your name doesn't work when I put it in). I don't want to run in the dark!

    I'm thought I'd start Parkrun once I'd finish the programme, which would probably be about the time it starts getting darker and dark mornings.

  • I'm thinking of trying it on with HR at work and tell them once or twice a week I need to start an hour late for 'health reasons' - I do plenty of overtime to cover. Then can add one weekend run, be it Park Run (which I haven't tried yet) or just my usual 'cemetery sprint'. (My name probably doesn't work as they've finally found me out as the Graduate fraud I am!!!) If you're in education it'll be hard to do ams, but maybe pms will suit? I've only ONCE done an evening run and although it was okay, there were too many dogs around for my liking!!

  • Hi, I keep the same hours as you, teach and am definitely an owl! The only way it works for me is to identify the days I don't have meetings & can get husband to cook then have gear ready to change into for a quick run when I get back. Admittedly, most days I'd rather collapse onto the sofa with a litre of tea (or gin!) but if I don't think about it and just get out there, I find it does my head (& legs) a lot of good plus I have bags more energy for the Hogwarts style stairs at school the next day!! Good luck finding a new rhythm.

  • I'm a fellow Smoothie just starting out, well done on your run

  • I'm going to have a listen to Mr Smooth to see if he can help locate my mojo!! Hats off to all you teachers who are completing or have completed C25K - I had to take earyly retirement from teaching just to fit some exercise in!!

  • Mr Smooth certainly helped revive my mojo. When the dark nights and mornings arrive, I'll have to rethink my runs as I live in the countryside. Thought I might do Park Run 🏃, could also go for run from work as it's in town.

  • Mr Smooth located my mojo! Just did my first 30 mins run post graduation!

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