I've done it!

W9R3 completed.

I have had a busy morning and had to be at my desk for 9am having completed a school run on the way.

I had prepped myself and knew that I wanted to run to another landmark for this final run. Imagine my delight when my son told me that he would be joining me as he has intermittently over the last 2 months. I was so pleased.

We set off just after 7am with a brisk 5 mins walk and then ran down the lane over the bridge, pass the shops onward to the local pub and back pass the shops over bridge and lo and behold there was a mountain where the hill had been previously. I told myself to keep going only 10 mins left.

We arrived at the summit and ran towards the park and heard Michael Johnson shout "you've done it , WELL DON'T!" I burst into tears.

Can't believe it, can't thank you ALL enough for the support. Got to go and prepare for the podium.


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42 Replies

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  • Brilliant run, well done. Lovely that your son ran with you too! Time to party and to claim your badge! Enjoy your on going running journey πŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŒŸπŸŽ“πŸΎ

  • Oh I truly appreciate him running beside me today.

  • Massive congratulations to you!!! You did it and you deserve to feel proud! Don't forget to ask for your shiny new graduation badge. :)

  • Thanks melly4012

  • Oh well done cj24...and now you have all day to celebrate.Congratulations on your Graduation.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    Better weather is coming soon for you to enjoy your new running skills...😊 xxx Your adventures have just started...

  • Blummin 'eck, it's looking like a 24/7 paaartaaay this week! CJ24 you know the drill...

    Firstly, the BIGGEST of the big CONGRATULATIONS😊

    You (along with your lovely son) have completed the final run of c25k. You are a champion! We all want to congratulate you, chink glasses with you and share the elation of your graduation day. And that means another.... paaaartaaaay!


    Three cheers for you!!!

  • Hi McFitty just returned from work and I have been smiling all day and telling my colleagues that they now share the office with an Olympian!πŸ€—

    I am so proud of myself, truly and those are words I wouldn't have used to describe myself previously.

    Where's the lemon drizzle.....?

    Much love and thanks for this fabulous graduation ceremony ❀xx

  • Well done ! Especially fitting School run, Work run all before 9am.

    Great to hear that your Son tagged along. Will he be a regular on your future runs ?

    Keep us all posted especially what your cunning plan is for future running.

  • I'll get the hang of this one day soon I promise. I have been thinking about what I'll do after C25K and it's strange to think that I don't have to book active and rest days for next week.

    I've been invited to join a running club but my anxiety is that they run in the evening. I've promised to go along to see how I get on and take it from there.

    I'll also run either Saturday or Sunday and see how I get on.

  • Great achievement! I'm not surprised you were a bit emotional. Well done you. x

  • @AnneDroid crying in the street, goodness knows what my mother would sayπŸ˜₯

  • Oh well done! Very many congratulations! Who put that darned hill there just when you least expected it. Bah! Never mind, in the coming weeks and months you will see it as a mere pimple en route to your runs. You will, mark my words. It makes you grin like a Cheshire cat when you realise you have crested that hill without even noticing it

    So, cake all round then, and you can spend the rest of the day basking in C25k glory. A treat to yourself is usual to mark the occasion, new shoes being a fave gift to ourselves (or from a significant other if they get the broad hint)

  • misswobble at lunchtime I thought I'd pop out and treat myself to a little running top or something. One of my colleagues said she'd accompanying me.

    Well we were ages putting together a complete outfit (I know, but I'm worth it πŸ˜‰) and suddenly at the till - drama.

    I'd only gone and forgotten my purse at home! Colleague to the rescue "my treat" she said "well done on your achievement" more tears!

    I'm a reck - clearly not familiar with kindness. Much love to you all.

  • Hooray! Graduate! The podium waits.. party after work ? :)

    We will be waiting.. well done you!! ( And son ) x

    Go get that badge..it has your name on it ! :)

  • I'm really enjoying the celebrations, thank you all for supporting me and you Oldfloss for accompanying me last week.

    Have you all had a glass of wine?

  • I am on my second glass of bubbly!!!

    You look amazing with the new badge on your outfit...:)

    It has been a privilege to be a small part of your running journey, and hopefully, this is the start of many adventures to come... and this time, your way and your choices and it is so great... there is such fun to be had :)

    It is a fantastic achievement and you deserve to be very, very proud of yourself

    Love Floss x

  • Oldfloss DON'T start me off again πŸ˜“


  • Today.... YOU ARE!!!!! bask in the glory x

  • Yay! Well done. You've do e great.😊

  • Thanks JojoButter xx

  • Whoop whoop! Many congratulations to you. It's a brilliant achievement and you should be very proud. Now get out there and enjoy all the variety that running can bring πŸ€—

  • Thank you Irishprincess xx

  • Yeah we all had drinky poos, we started without you, as we are such party animals. I had fizzy water! LOL

    Good on your mate for digging you out there with the cash crisis. So, new duds as well as Graduation Badges, speaking of which I don't see yours yet.

  • misswobble what do I need to do to obtain the converted "graduate" status and/or badge? Xx

  • You have to apply for it. If you look to the right of your screen there are some links in BLUE text. There will be one for Apply for your Graduate Badge. You click on that, which brings up a blank email form, which you duly complete and you should see your badge by your name in due course. Go on, give it a try.

  • Fantastic well done :D Celebration time x

  • Big thanks first_mate xx

  • Absolute pleasure. Well deserved x

  • HEY! It's official I've got my badge.

    I'd like to thank my mum, dad (RIP), family and my new friends on the C25K forum and God for listening to me when I was running and thought many times I would run out of breath and die on an unmarked road!

    Exit podium another glass of white please πŸ˜‹xxx

  • Woo Hoo ! Absolutely fantastic !

    Massive Congratulations to you . Your post made me well up , it's so clear how much this means to you xxxx

    Well done and I will clink my cuppa tea ( with me being a tee -totaller , or should that be tea- totaller :-D )

    Hurrah !!! :-) xxxx

  • Oh poppypug I couldn't run a tap before C25K-it's absolutely incredible.

    Clink Clink darling, Clink Clink xx

  • Aw bless your heart xxxx

    Chin , Chin ! :-) xxx

  • Many Congratulations :)

  • BIG THANKS to you Irish-John you certainly kept me laughing who could forget "breathing from both ends" an all time classic!πŸ˜‚

    Go on get yourself a glass of bubbly. x

  • That CJ24 deserves a WOOHOO!!! I've just arrived at the partay, and on my first glass of champers :p ! Mwah Mwah!! Fab that you ran with your son, bet that meant a lot :) ! And invited to join a running club - go you! What's next for you to conquer...xx

  • ANewMe2017 welcome, we've been partying all day. Hasn't McFitty done an incredible job at staging this event?

    Raise your glass girl, I am cheering you on all the way. xx

  • The 'admins' are going to be so busy this week! They do know how to put on a cracking party don't they! Anyhoo, my glass is empty and that's sooo boring, so see you soon...xx

  • Ooooh I see your badge! Looks fab 😊

  • Wow!! Well done!!🍾 Your post has really spurred me on. 😊

  • Kimscholey keep going it's SO worth it and honestly you can do it, we're all behind you. xx

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