I've done it!!!!

After 3 years and 3 attempts - today I completed my graduation run :0). I had popped into Aldi and bought myself a very, VERY bright fluorescent orange running jacket, a buff-thing in the same colour and a headband to keep my ears warm. When I got home, I sat and procrastinated about going out....what if I couldn't run for the 30 mins, what if it rained, what am I going to do when I have graduated.... I felt really nervous. I finally to changed, put on my "runner's" vest and thought I better put my new jacket on as it was looking a bit grey.

I set off and I couldn't believe it, for the first time since I have been running outside, it bloomin' rained! I had jinxed myself buying that jacket. Luckily, it was only a shower cos by the time I had been running for 5 minutes, the jacket was off! I am beginning to wonder if I will ever run with an outer layer on!!

I wasn't going to try and run 5k today, that is for another day now. 30 mins was run and I couldn't quite believe I have done it! I have been wondering why I have been able to complete it this time....first time, I was anaemic...2nd time I just didn't think I could get past week 4 and also running on the treadmill was just sooooo boring. This time I have a different mind set....I am 50 in November and this was a big motivator, but I have found the support on the forum really helpful. I think the best part has been talking to people that are at the same stage of the programme as me - it is like having a virtual running buddy - make sure you graduate on Saturday Belinda!!!

Right I am going to have a cuppa and a piece of cake cos I have earnt it.....oh and off to get my badge :0)


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  • Yeah !! Whoop whoop - well done and much celebrating to come :)

  • Oh definitely - I am even here looking at Map My Run creating some new routes!

  • Oh well done you!! Am so happy for you :)

    Many many congratulations!

    That sounds absolutely wonderful - what an achievement!

    Enjoy your very well-earned cake :)

    :D :D :D

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you :0)...I just wish you were wearing that shiny badge too :0/. Hope you are off that couch very soon (and the cake was very nice :0) )

  • Wow, congratulations!!! You have definitely earnt the cake!

  • Thank you Tomas - I definitely enjoyed it ;0) !

  • OOOh I have my badge already -.....walks away polishing her new shiny badge.......

  • Oh mega well done, really pleased to see this. Going to go for a week 8 run in your honour


  • Thank you - I am honoured :0) - enjoy your run. You will be there very soon too :0)

  • Yay Congratulations Runningknitter, that's fantastic!! Your Graduate badge looks absolutely spiffing :)

  • Thank you! Suits me doesn't it - I might pin it on my hat ;0)

  • Congratulations! Way to go :) Nice looking badge!

  • Thank you so much :0)

  • thats brilliant news, hope you enjoyed your cuppa and cake and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • It is such a good feeling isn't it :0) - thank you

  • That is fantastic news Rk, well done! Enjoy your running! x :-D

  • I intend to - I won't do as my son said and do 5k to Couch! I have my new running group to look forward to on Monday and I may have actually persuaded my youngest daughter to go with me!

  • There is something different - erm... what could it be?... erm no don't tell me... AHHHH!!! A SHINY NEW BADGE - Whoopee!!! You will see a new star/planet in the heavens tonight if you look incredibly carefully with your name on it. Well done - ...it has been three years in the making but worth every drop of effort!!!! Well done RK and welcome to the Graduate Lounge :)

  • Thank you :0). And very comfy it is too! I better not get to comfortable or I won't get back off the couch! I think I have earned a star actually - a gold sticky one!

  • Congratulations! That badge looks good!!

  • Thank you - I feel really proud :0)

  • Oh RK, I am so so pleased for you, all your hard work and determination has paid off , well done on your fantastic achievement !

    Right Missus, you can pack up your wool and your knitting needles in your knitting bag cos youre a runner now, its official. Plus running is good for your soul, oh no more knit one purl one for you now , the worlds yer lobster , it really is !

    Reach for the stars ! :-) xxx

  • You do make me laugh Poppy :0D. Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed getting to this stage so really want to carry on. I haven't actually done much knitting since I started this - I have become obsessed with looking at websites for trainers, running clothing, Map My Run etc!! I am going to settle down this evening and catch up with Downton Abbey and actually do some knitting lol!

  • Congratulation RK, well done for completing C25K and becoming a graduate. I like your attitude about running today - you must go out in all weathers.

    My very experienced running mate says that you'll think the temperature 10 degrees warmer when you're running. So if it is 10 degrees outside, dress for 20 degrees (so that's just a t-shirt). If it is zero degrees outside, dress for 10 degrees (tshirt, top or jacket) etc.

    Good running,


  • Thank you :0). It was actually OK running in the rain. I have got the treadmill for back up, but I think it is going to have to be blooming awful out there for me to go back to it. That is really interesting about the temperatures and I will bear that in mind.

  • What a lovely post!! Well done runningknitter, it's amazing this running game isn't it!!? Hope you enjoyed the cake xx

  • Thank you Caroline - it sure is. I feel so much fitter than I did at the beginning of this. Everything is feeling trimmer and a bit leaner. Just got to keep on at it now. (I just had a quick peep at your profile and did laugh about the bit about walking cross-country, I did that too!)

  • Marvellous news ! Well done, you've well and truly done it this time round. Well done and happy running.

  • Thank you :0) - I am looking forward to more running adventures. This is just the beginning isn't....

  • Brilliant!!! Fantastic stuff, hope the cake was suitably gooey... :-)

  • Thank you - oh it was and I may have seconds later ;0). Oh and thank you for the heads up about the Aldi running clothing - I went to our local one for the first time today and had a good shop!

  • As did I - now kitted out head to toe!

  • Brilliant isn't it!!!

  • Brilliant stuff...cuppa and cake well earned!

  • Thank you :0) - and it was yummy!

  • Whoop whoop. Well done. New badge looks fantabulous!!

  • Thank you - do you think it is shiny enough ;0)???

  • Oh Congratulations, well done. You have truly earned it, great stuff :)

    What plans for post graduation running life ?

  • Thank you - and I did it before 50!! Quite a motivator isn't it! I have a couple of parkruns not too far away so I planning to go those, when I can pluck up the courage! A beginner's running group started in our village a few weeks ago and I am going along to that on Monday evening. So that's for starters. I just want to carry on with the habit of getting out there at least 3 times a week.

  • Yay - congratulations running buddy! You did it!

  • Thank you so much - you have been another person who has really helped me along this time. I run along knowing I have so much support on here. I haven't stopped grinning yet!!!

  • I still am one week on! Your badge really suits you!

  • Oh wow you've done brilliantly to keep at it. Congratulations I hope you enjoyed that well deserved cake a your shiny new badge looks fab :)

  • Thank you - I never expected to feel so wonderful about this (I also wasn't certain I would achieve it anyway!). Look at us with our nice new shiny badges ;0)

  • Congratulations ! Enjoy the cake !

  • Thank you :0) - I did and I think I may have some more :0)

  • Well done! Congrats to you and your new badge!

  • Thank you - they seem very popular around here ;0)

  • Awww well done!!! What a journey you have had. I really admire your perseverance. You have SO earned that cake, enjoy your graduation & your well-deserved celebration xxx

  • Thank you :0). Just got to keep that perseverance going

  • what an achievement, thats really amazing after all this time, a huge well done and panther growl from me :)

  • Crazily I did it in 10 weeks this time. Never failed or repeated a run (had a crazy week where I couldn't fit any runs in). Grrrrrrr

  • Oh well done RK! I kept checking for your post this morning and was wondering what had happened. I'm so pleased for you and very jealous of the gooey cake. I'm planning my last run for Saturday morning and will be off up to London straight after that for a matinee theatre trip with my sister and niece followed by a meal. That'll be my celebration - assuming I manage the run.

    Do enjoy that shiny badge and your bright future as a graduate!

  • Oh no! Getting ahead of myself. Saturday won't be my last run, I've got TWO more, so Monday will be the last one.

  • Thank you :0). What show are you seeing?

  • I'm seeing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.

    Overeaten tonight though, and have my last but one run in the morning - silly me!

  • Hopefully you will feel ok in the morning, sounds like extra fuel so maybe you will go quicker ;0). Enjoy the show. I still haven't read the book and I should

  • Well done RK! The badge looks fab!

  • Thank you :0). It is still shiny today and I am still grinning!

  • Hooray! Congratulations on a job really well done.

  • Many thanks :0)

  • I see your badge girl ... an its SHINEY!!!! :D Look its up there^^^^ new an bright and you DID IT.. now get a grip you gotta keep it up C25K+ parkrun ???

  • Thank you :0). Well starting at a running group on Monday and then next Saturday if I can get myself out of bed, I will go and try a park run

  • Hey is that a shiny new graduation badge I see proudly pinned to your hat ;-) looking good my lovely.

    Well done you did it ;-)

    I have managed to hurt my leg yesterday not sure it was runnung or decorating. Boohooo.

    I will see how the leg is treating me tomorrow morning when I finish my night shift as to whether I run or not as I don't want to graduate being injured. ;-)

    Again well done. You deserve the victory ;-)

  • Thank you B. I hope you are fit enough to do your graduation run tomorrow. When you off on your hols x?

  • I'm now up at work and waiting for staff to come on at 7am then I'm off to do graduation run. Hopefully my leg is rested enough to get me through it. Then home to lay flooring. No rest for the wicked ha ha. I'm off on holiday on Wednesday morning for two weeks, I've packed my running gear ;-) x x

  • Blimey Team B , you are amazing !

    Running, putting wall paper up, running, laying flooring , working , running , you are Miss Dyna- mite - tee hee :-)

    All the very best for your graduation run, looking forward to reading your post , YOU ROCK MISSUS ! :-) xxx

  • Well done x

  • Thank you :0)

  • RK; well done, well done, well done!!!! Many congratulations- it's a great feeling, isn't it?!! Expect to hear all about your knitting projects now!

  • Thank you :0)....still no knitting lol! Maybe soon;0)

  • Congratulations

  • Thank you :0)

  • Hey,runningknitter, this is really good. Don't worry too much about the hesitation. I have hesitated a long time before even going to the gym. Now I enjoy it. And when it rains and the wind is strong, I'm so glad to be in teh warmth. I do have an excuse as I have bronchiectasis, being on the BLF forum too. You can congratulate yourself and lift your arms to the sky Well done!

    I drink a glass of hot whole milk with drinking chocolate to comfort myself. it puts a smile on my face and I feel my body smiles like a pussy cat!

  • It is good to have the choice isn't it. I have a treadmill that I can use if the weather is very bad. Thank you :0)

  • I think you can adapt this interval training on all sorts of equipment, if that means a quick interval of intensity followed by some catching up. Well done to let your imagination adapt yourself to circumstances.

  • Fan-tas-tic Running Knitter and welcome to the "grad party", posh frocks optional, running gear obligatory!!!!! Love the look of your shiny graduation badge. I found having a virtual running buddy from here really helped me get through the programme, so I'm really pleased that this worked for you too.

    Hope you enjoyed your tea and cake! :)

  • Thank you :0)... I had yet another addition to my running gear collection arrive today! A nice bright yellow with purple bits long sleeved Ronhill top from Start Fitness. Will clash beautifully with my orange jacket ;0). Is that posh enough lol!!!

  • Definitely!!!! :D

  • Brilliant! Me too. SB x

  • So I read - well done. Don't forget to collect your shiny badge :0) (actually I have ordered a proper pin one now too)

  • Hey runningknitter - where do you order a proper pin badge from? Ohhhh I'd love one of those! I'm a running crocheter by the way! SB x

  • Ooh nice badge ;0). I ordered the pin from here c25kgraduatebadge.co.uk/ There is also a link on that website to order t-shirts. I think Belinda ordered one of those. I did wonder if that was crochet in your avatar :0)

  • Well thank you Running Knitter! I might order one of those. I love crochet and only learnt how to recently. My way to relax after all those runs! x

  • Reading this has inspired me so much! I am in the same position when I couldn't do week four, now I am attempting it again.

    A BIG Congratulations to you!

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