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I've done it!!!

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The heavens opened just 5 minutes into my run this morning, I was soaking, the dog was soaking and I tripped over her lead as she was trying to chase a cat *rolls eyes*, my legs felt like lead weights but I pushed on and I've done I! I've completed the programme. I can't believe I've done it and I'm so proud of myself! Think I might have a wee glass of wine tonight to celebrate πŸƒπŸ·

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Fabulous job, well done. Enjoy the graduation party and don't forget to get your badge. A nice hot shower and a celebratory breakfast and you'll be sorted :)

Thank you! Oh i nearly forgot about the badge! I'll sort that after my shower 😁

Well done!!πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯

Mscott1979 in reply to Debbie698

Thank you!

Well done :-)

Mscott1979 in reply to LexMis

Thank you 😁


Congratulations. You certainly won't forget your grad run in a hurry!

I had to stop taking my dog with me due to cat/tripping incidents.

Mscott1979 in reply to trevorjl

Thank you! I certainly won't lol.

I've considered not taking her but it's great exercise for her too and she loves being outside. When she sees me in my running gear she sits by the door waiting for me so I can't even sneak out without her lol

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