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Now I'm a Zombie

Thought that the dreaded lurgy was behind me, apparently I don't have that kind of luck as my shifts on saturday and sunday dragged, as well as finding me with a rising and falling temperature, muzzy head and a nose like a leaky faucet.

"That's ok," Mam assured me, "that's your body telling you you're run down. Take a few extra rest days and let yourself heal before you run again"

OK, I thought, I can handle that, though I'm still surprised that, after hating the thought of this programme 8 weeks ago, I'm sorry to miss my runs, but never mind, I'll be OK by monday, right?

Wrong. Woke up this morning with my right eyelid glued shut by gunk. When I managed to open it (after a wash in the bathroom with warm water) my right eye is pink. I have managed to contract conjunctivitis on top of the lurgy. Not quite sure what to do as I was feeling better than at the weekend, I went into work, only to be told to go home and call the doctor, just in case I was contagious. According to the doctor I'm ok to work as long as i wash my hands after touching my eyes to put the prescribed drops in but I utterly forgot to ask if it was OK for me to go running with my eye like this. I'm going to guess not as the gunk keeps obscuring my vision a bit. I've had my dad and Hubby-to-Be making South Park references (hence the post title)

Oh bill-hooks, as I will politely say

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Oh dear! :( Definitely best to avoid running until you can see clearly... You don't want to add any bumps and bruises to your lurgy and conjunctivitis! Honestly, a few extra rest days now will absolutely not harm you, and will be far better than trying to run before you're really recovered. You have HtB and your mam to make sure you don't stay rooted to the couch once you're fit to return to running, but listen to them, OK? ;)

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I hear you loud and clear RainbowC


Sorry to hear you are not too grand. Have you thought about trying some strength and flexibilty training whilst you are not running? There are the podcasts available if you are keen. Personally ive taken to yoga for non run days. Online there are some very good running related ones which give all the right stretches, plus core work.

Hope you are well soon😀



How horrid for you.. but best not to run... not with this cold weather to exacerbate any problems...:)

Other indoor exercise will keep you good. :)

Strength and Millsie-J suggests, or have crack at the Thirty day Kinetic Challenge. Quite a few of us have been doing that :) Good fun and lots of help for running!

Heal soon anyway x


Oh heck, sounds like you've been through the mill. Hope you feeling better very soon x


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