No motivation to leave the couch today

Fortunately it's not a running day for me - but today I've been suffering rather astonishing after-effects of yesterday evening's triumph! An hour or two after I got back and changed, I noticed an itchy rash on both arms. This then spread over the next while until it was over most of my body and thighs as well. A piriton just about dulled the itching enough that I could get to sleep, but I then woke every couple of hours through the night, so uncomfortable that I couldn't get back to sleep until I'd got up and put lots of cold water on it to cool it down for a bit.

So I've not been to work today, managed to see the doctor this morning (yay for our local surgery!), have been advised that it's definitely some sort of allergic reaction (possibly triggered by heat or sweat, nice!), nothing contagious. So that's sort-of good news - I'm not about to give anything nasty to Mr Rainbow with his compromised immune system - but also sort-of bad news, as I'm hoping this doesn't happen again after my next run!

In future, I'll have to make sure to have a more thorough cooling wash when I get back, but am really hoping this is a random one-off... I thought I was past the stage of considering myself allergic reaction to exercise! ;)


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11 Replies

  • Sounds horrid, I hope it goes away soon. At least if it is heat related it looks like the temperatures are dropping a little now. Isn't funny I always thought I was allergic, not necessarily to all exercise, but to running and here I am totally hooked. Keep cool :-)

  • That's sounds itchy, I hope it's settled down. I used to get something similar to that when I use non sports suncream. It seems to be with me if I use the normal stuff then get hot and sweaty (yuk) it all gets trapped under the cream and irritates the skin terribly. I found out about it on holiday once and ever since then I use sports suncream which allows your skin to breathe. I hope it either goes and dosent come back or you get to the bottom of it.

  • I've had this for weeks now and have put it down to the heat but I've never had it before! What did the doctor give you for it?

  • I got told to take antihistamines, (Piriton don't work well for me so she suggested try Pirireze which has been very effective today :) ). She also said to avoid using soaps or shower gel on the inflamed skin as hat would likely irritate it further, and recommended keeping e45 in the fridge and applying it to cool & soothe skin.

    Feeling much better this afternoon & evening, but don't think I'm risking another run until it's been cleared up properly for a couple of days!

  • Oh Rainbow , that sounds so itchy - Poor you :-(

    Did the Doc say it was Urticaria /Hives ? Ive had this on my arms . Not sure what caused it but it was so uncomfortable and it really irritated me.

    Hope it eases soon , the itching drives you mad doesn't it ? xxx

  • I didn't get a proper name for it - just an allergy, possibly to do with the heat from running, especially given the way it was worst in areas where I'd had tight clothing, and wasn't at all on my lower legs (had my knee-length capris on yesterday).

    Fortunately her recommended dosage has worked a treat today, and I'm just starting to itch now so have taken a tablet before bedtime in the hope of a rather better night! :)

  • Yes it does sound like it . I got it on my arms after I had been in the sun.

    Hope you manage to have a good nights sleep and its better for you tomorrow xxx

  • Thank you :) On the bright side, Pretty Pup has had a good brushing today, including the bits she doesn't let me do normally, since Mr Rainbow was (for once) happy to help by holding her! So she's rather more floofy than she was in the pic yesterday, and her tail is about three times the size! :D

    In bed now for an early-ish night. Hoping for lots of lovely sleep! ;)

  • Aw, I bet she looks adorable ! :-) xxx

  • Always! 😍

  • Rash seems to have faded today - I just have swollen hands, with fingers feeling like sausages! But at least I'm back at w*rk... I won't be braving a run tonight though, that's for sure...!

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