Couch to 5K

Oh yeh, I'm a runner now :-D

I'm so happy (again) :-D <this is my face right now :-D

I did W6R3 this afternoon - I was going to do it yesterday but my cold was playing up a bit, my back was sore and my knee was feeling decidedly dodgy so I decided to give it a rest (oh how I sulked.... when did I start sulking about not half killing myself???)

Today I got out of bed, tried the knee - ok, back was fine, cold ok, nothing to worry about, so it was all go - then I remembered its 25 mins today.... eek!! I couldn't run this morning - had a conference webcam meeting thingy to do, so it had to wait til after lunch (ramp up the fear a bit)

Now I've been pondering all week (I kid you not) my pace for the 25 mins - and decided to start off a bit slower, then build up, so I did the first 10 mins at 9kph - I was singing along with the music - oh I've got both feet on the ground.... - so at 10 mins when I realised I shouldn't be singing and should maybe be sweating a bit I pushed it up to 9.5kph - that did the trick ;-) I decided that for the last 5mins I'd push up to 10kph so that's what I did, then I realised with about 90 seconds to go that I was 0.2kph off of managing to run for 4k so I wasn't having that - I pumped up to 11kph and flew, gazelle like for the last minute with it clicking over to 4k solid running just as Laura said I could slow down now. By the time Laura told me to stop I'd just clicked 5k in just under 35 mins - woop woop!!!

Where was my congratulations - I've heard so much about the much lauded congrats from Laura with those magic words.. nothing... I felt quite hurt, then she said it and my face broke into a huge beam - I love Laura... :-)

On to Wk 7 now - more of the same, pick up the pace and try and build my stamina so I can go for longer at 10kph :-)

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What a gazelle indeed!! Im about a week behind you on the programme and several kph behind you in speed, and it's great to read of your success. :-))


You've just given me an idea for my new goal.

Goal 1- run for 30 mins straight. Achieved.

Goal 2- run for 5k in total. Achieved

Goal 3- combine goals 1 & 2 and do the 5k in 30 mins. Not quite but nearly there

New goal- do all the above with gazelle like ease and elegance. Nope, can't see me managing that one in this century.......

:-) :-)


Did anyone mention ease and elegance ;-) ha ha, more like a gazelle with a leg stuck in a passing lions mouth frantically trying to keep going lmao - not sure there was a huge amount of elegance going on :-)


Well done you!! My run like a gazelle lol ;)


Always preferable to my normal elephant seal style :-D


And I'm not a tapir for nothing....

Wobble wobble :


Looks like me doing walk/run intervals on B210K...... No gazelles round here, mate :-)


Well done, sounds like you had a fab run!


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