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Now I'm happy

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W7R2 today, I've completed my first totally non-stop run, with zero walking in the middle. What a joy! And for a few seconds before I heard the bell I maybe kind of had this feeling that I could've managed another couple of minutes. I'll consider myself having finally passed that toxic 10, which is more like toxic 25 for the moment.

As I've been recently experiencing occasional back pain, I was concentrating on keeping my back straight and deliberately letting everyone around outrun me. It worked - no back pain, no knee pain during the run. I've had bad knees since my teens, was afraid to start running mostly because of them. Well, they still hurt every now and then, except for when I'm actually running.

Now, I apologize for an off-topic, but it's in this community that I was advised to use Downdog yoga app. I got hooked and was enjoying it as much as running. Unfortunately it does not work since last Friday - just gets stuck at the very end of the progress bar when preparing a practice. Tried everything. Wrote to them, got no answer. Anyone else has this problem? I'm dying for a practice. Looks like I'll have to use something else after all, but this one was perfect.

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Great run!

I use yoga on Youtube on Smart Tv . Any number of practices to choose from without subscription.

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well done, it sounds like your methods payed off. As for your downward dog, I dont know. However there are loads of yoga things on YouTube which may offer similar ?

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bitseybloomGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you! I'm actually looking forward to participate in your 10 km programme already.

Well done on that 25 mins of continous running found a way😊...

I think you will enjoy the Stepping stones podcasts once you have graduated in a few weeks time...posture technique is worked on then with Laura coaching you..

In the tall, and nice and steady, as slowly as you like all the way to the podium😊xx

Can't help with the yoga query..sorry.

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bitseybloomGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you! Yes, I suppose I'll need some posture advice, right now just trying to keep my back straight and run on my mid-foot...

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Very well done you..keep it steady and slow as the runs get longer. Let your legs find their happy pace:)

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hello, with the query on downdog - you are using the one with the little blue dog (or white on blue background) as the logo? The one everyone says is amazing? I installed it a few weeks ago in prep for losing access to my class and it's working ok for me at the moment. Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it? and re-starting your phone?

if you can't get it to work there's loads of other options, as people say - Eckhart yoga or Lesley Fightmaster on youtube are recommended :)

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bitseybloomGraduate in reply to icklegui

Hello! That's right, I was using this app. Yes, I've tried reinstalling, restarting and everything else that comes to mind, except for updating my Android (can't find the official version) and changing the country (I suspect it may be a location-specific problem, seeing that nobody else complains). I've found another app that is OK, but still I'm looking forward to when I return or am able to do something with my phone and it works again.

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ickleguiGraduate in reply to bitseybloom

ah yes - I did see you said you tried everything :) that's really annoying. They also give the impression of being very nice and contactable so it's a shame if you haven't got anything useful from them. Hopefully another update or two and it will fix itself, if it's not a location thing as you suspect (in which case it will also fix itself then soon, I hope)

I am on a phone which won't support latest Android now so I'm looking forward to the slow decline in usability, but hope all these bits work for a while yet!

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bitseybloomGraduate in reply to icklegui

Now all of a sudden it works again. I've been pushing "start practice" button from Friday. Saved a bunch of them just in case!

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