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W2R1 cancelled 😡

Very disappointed that I've come down, once again, with this viral chesty cough that's been doing the rounds since autumn. I had it before and over Christmas and thought that was it behind me. Hubby has had it for the last couple of weeks and now I've got it again.

I am fairly sure if I tried to run I would make myself worse (or die!) so I have reluctantly cancelled with my C25K buddy.

Assuming this stops me for a few days, do I pick up at Week 2 when well enough or start Week 1 again?

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You need to be careful with chest infections and not return to exercise too soon. Apparently any kind of infection weakens the heart. Maybe you didn't rest enough first time around and that's why you got it again.

Perhaps the wisest course is to make sure you get rid of the infection once and for all, ease back to running with walks and then when you feel 100% start off with week 2 and just see how you feel. If this is too hard then just go back a run.

Take your time. There is no rush to get through the programme. It took me six months with one thing and another but I loved it because in a way I was prolonging all those great feelings after each run! I hope you feel better soon.

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Good advice thank you. There was no way I could run today. Have coughed my way through the day so far. Fingers crossed that it doesn't hang around for several weeks as before!

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Do as her Majesty says and get yourself completely well.. these blessed chest lurgy monsters are horrid.. they trick you into thinking you are fine, and then zap you!

After you feel really recovered, some good walks and short very gentle jog intervals, but only when you feel okay, then pick up where you left off and see how you go!

Feel well soon x


Thanks Oldfloss. Have felt like death warmed up this afternoon so good decision not to run this morning. Will restart once I'm recovered - immune system needs a boot up its backside post-chemo!


Go youx Just be kind to yourselfxx


Oh that sounds absolutely awful :-(

Yes I agree with the replies above, theres no pressure to finish the programme in the 9 weeks . Take some time to get yourself well and then ease yourself back in gently.

Hope you feel better soon, take care xxx


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