Newbie - W2R1 done

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie and this is my first post, so please be gentle! I'm just back from week 2, run 1, and although it was tough I made it. However, what seems weird to me (and it was the same sort of thing in week one) is that the last two runs were more comfortable than the first four - is that weird, or is it the same for others? I've also got to say, though, that the idea that I'll be running non-stop for 20 minutes in less than four weeks seems a little bit far fetched!


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  • Welcome - and we were all Newbies ourselves once :)

    The good news - you seem to be doing it well so far, building up stamina :)

    The not-so-bad news - the '5' and '9' in the name of the programme are rather arbitrary so don't feel any pressure to 'have to' make those times and distances. The vast majority here do not graduate in nine weeks, nor did we run 5K when we did :) Three consecutive runs of thirty minutes each gets you your shiny graduate badge whenever you are ready for it :)

    People are different and what the programme really does is get you from zero to thirty minutes continuous running in 'about' nine weeks. Speed and distance are secondary to the Stamina you are building up :)

    Read as many posts as possible for great advice and support, especially from the Graduates early days - might all be worded differently but remarkably similar in content. We had the same emotions and ups and downs and even still - from our lofty perches (lol) - we have those days where it just is not a good day running compared to the GREAT days we have running :)

    Best wishes and 'onward and upward, slowly...then slower still' ;)

  • Thank you for the reply and the advice. I've been reading a few posts and picking up tips, and I'm quite happy to repeat weeks if I have to. I'm under no illusions that it's going to be tough, and am fully aware that my body's not as young as my brain may think it is! Unfortunately it's only my music tastes that got stuck in the 70s and 80s, everything else has moved on!

  • I used the US version - 8 weeks and 35 minutes to graduate. No music though - loaded up my own stuff on a mini recorder and listened to that :) Anyhow - the only good music was from about 1975 to roughly 1987 ;)

  • Well done on completing W2R1.

    I had the same thought- but have just completed W7 so have now done four 25 minute runs, must be possible.. :-)

    I find the mental boredom the worst..just even thinking about running AND NOTHING ELSE feels boring, but I run in the park so there are people and ducks and pigeons and dogs to look at as a distractionand I run with my kids and they are a distraction so it's going ok.! :-)

  • Thanks for your reply, and the encouragement. I walk/run after dark round the village so there are no distractions, just the music that Laura provides! 20+ minutes of running still seems a long way off, but I've read so many comments like yours in various other posts that I'm starting to believe it might just be possible...

  • I didn't have an MP3 to begin with, so since we were running as a family, my sister just passed on what Laura said and I listened to an ebook of Alice in Wonderland which definitely helped pass the time. Now that we are doing longer runs I might start thinking about doing that again- Librivox has some great e-books and I love being read to!

    This is a great program and honestly we are finding these runs easier than the early weeks- my legs start getting a little tired sometimes and boredom is always a threat, but when I finish I am not even out of breath and yet I was out of breath when I ran for 3 minutes before, so that proves what a great preparation the course gives you for the later weeks.

    I like the idea of running in the dark.


  • Well done on committing to do something! I started in April and was 50 in June and graduated early July so can can do it. Just follow the programme at your own pace. Take each run slowly if it's too slow I found my legs just gradually increased the speed. Try not to look ahead in the weeks as it will scare you silly! I still find running hard as I m not a natural runner but I can run for 30 mins and yes I found running for 60 seconds in the first week really hard I did not think 60 seconds could be thatlong!

  • Thanks, I'll definitely do it at my own pace - I'm not training towards anything so it takes as long as it takes. So far so good, though, other than tight calves, and from what I've read elsewhere that's pretty normal.

  • It all seemed far-fetched to me, at the start...:) 65 years old and the original Grey Snail...And yet.. almost one year one and running at about 9K now..(no hurry for me).. it is wonderful... and you will feel the same.

    There may be good days, bad days, happy or sad days.. each run is different... just when you think you have the hang of it... things can throw you... but... take it all in your stride... :) do not try too hard and listen to your body!

    Take it slow... take it steady... run at your own pace and most importantly, enjoy the journey!

    We are here.. with you all the way ! Keep posting :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement - 9k is further than I've ever run, even when I was a young, fit (ish) lad doing school cross-country, so if I get to that point I'll be more than happy.

  • Just totally have fun! No teacher watching you race around the countryside...just you, taking it gently!.

  • The people on these forums are mostly :-) friendly and will do their best to help and encourage you on your journey. It makes running all the more fun when you can post about how you felt on that particular run.

    Oh and 90's tunes are my favourites. Don't listen to Irish-John he's reeaally old and has terrible taste in music! :-P

  • A reaaaalllyyyy old song you may hear soon could be "hit me with your Rhythm Stick" witn up to date new line "Cos that hurts less than your walking stick" ;)

  • One of the first singles I ever bought!

  • Thanks, I'm quickly seeing that this is a friendly place to be. As I progress I'll do my best to help and encourage those that start after me,, as seeing so many people reply to my post has been a massive boost.

  • Welcome. The first bit of running is always tough for me, be it intervals or constant running. I settle into a rhythm after a few minutes. Sounds like you settle into it as well. It's good to keep in mind, as it can often be the trickiest part of a run, and if you can persevere the later intervals feel better.

  • I walked for a couple of weeks before starting the programme and that was the same - after five minutes I'd be hurting but after ten I was through it.

  • The idea of running for 20 minutes seems far-fetched to almost everyone who starts this programme. I am just restarting the programme following a serious burn injury but having doe it before I now realise just how much of the difficulty of running, certainly for me, was in the mind. Now I know I have done it before the 20 minute run coming up in a few weeks is more exciting than worrying. So I am sure you will get there and complete is successfully if you follow the programme at whatever speed you need to go.

  • Thanks - I think 'whatever speed you need to go' is going to be the key. And good luck with your restart - having done it before will hopefully make it a breeze for you!

  • Well done you!😊 trust me if I can do it so can you! I have never ran ok done exercise on & off but never regularily! I tried jog for Scotland but gave up as felt I was no use & too slow compared to everyone else but..... Here I am with our lovely Laura & this forum keeping me going and on week 6 and run 3 next😊😊 I am so chuffed with myself and run on my own so I take my time. This time I am not so worried about speed as everyone on this forum has been great & reminded me slow is ok speed will follow my aim is to complete the 9 weeks however daunting it is! Trust me I'm still worried about the 25mins run and all running now but I will be here on this forum for all the tips and advise😊everyone brilliant & so encouraging!! Stay with us to the last run I feel so much fitter and plan sticking with it hopefully get the confidence to try a park run! 😊

  • Thanks - I've certainly seen that people are encouraging, far more of a response than I was expecting!

  • Nothing else I can add to everyone else great advice except welcome and good luck and you will be amazed by what you can do - just stick with the programme and go slow 😀

  • Thank you - I'll definitely stick to it and do it at my own pace.

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