Week 3 in the bag :D but a question about clothing

Woop woop Week 3 completed today. Although a bit icy out the sun had got to most of it so I could pick my way through without sliding around. Felt today was harder on the legs but I think that's more to do with me running after work rather than first thing. Anyways it's done and dusted Week 4 here I come.. gulp.

So now I'm seriously looking at getting some new leggings, still wearing the same ones as in Week 1 with the safety pin size adjustment lol. When I'm looking at running gear I've seen 'compression' mentioned on some socks, leggings etc. What's the difference between these and normal items? Thx x


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8 Replies

  • I quote...

    "How does it work?

    The theory is the tightness of the material (which is stretchy and usually made of polyamide and elastane) activates the muscles and stimulates blood flow. More oxygen is circulated, which reduces build up of lactic acid and creatine kinase, in turn boosting performance and recovery."

    I wear them because they are snug and streamlined, keep all my wobbly bits nice and tight and I find they are warm too in the cold weather, but fine in the warmth too, although I wear crops in summer. they can be pricey. so I sale spot.. Reebok have some great end of season at the moment.. terrifically funky!

    Well done you for getting out, and for not slipping. Running, when conditions are not good, always feels more difficult . You are ready for that next week, just as ever, slow and steady and you will do it :)

  • Thanks for the explanation that helps a lot. I like my wobbly bits to be held in so I might have to get me some of those lol. I love sales, you cant beat a bargain ;) x Definitely going to take it slow for W4R1 in the morning, I was thinking about that earlier I had a tendency to speed up a bit in the 3 minutes runs last week so I need to ease up a little I think. Anyway I'll give it my best shot x

  • Go for it - proper leggings feel great! I am not sure if mine are proper compression tights. I have some windproof Karrimoor ones and they are good in very cold weather but also some thinner long ones which I wear more often. Capri' s are a must as soon as the weather improves - nice and cool. :)

  • I'm looking for some long ones for just now, especially as our temperature has taken a nose dive, but will certainly take a look at the shorter ones ready for the spring/summer. x

  • Hi! Well done for getting through to week4 😃, this weather doesn't make it easy. If you can do it now, you can do it!!

    With the clothing; the compression clothing is tighter on your skin and it's supposed to help blood and oxygen go round d your body more efficiently. That way your legs can take you further/faster and you recover quicker. Whether it makes a massive difference, or whether it's a small difference, I don't know tbh! I would suggest that you wear whatever is comfortable for you for now and isn't made of cotton 😊

    Happy running!!

  • Thanks beckied. I was just curious to what the difference was as I couldn't find information about it. Will be heading into town this week for a proper look so will see what I can find ;) Anything that helps recovery is worth a look ;)

  • Well done, another week down! You haven't caught the running gear bug yet then? Just wait, you'll buy the first couple of new bits and before you know it half your wardrobe will be running gear! :)

  • lol it happened today ;) couple of bits purchased, well 4 in all. I can see what you're saying as there are lots of lovely things out there. Must resist ;)

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