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Week 3 in the bag!


I can't quite believe that I've got this far already, plus what is even more unbelievable is that I am absolutely loving it. I've just had a sneak peek at what week 4 has in store and I'm really looking forwards to it. However according to the newbie advice, before week 5 I need to buy some proper running shoes and so I've just googled where my nearest running shop is. I didn't even know that such a thing existed, I am so clueless. I'm going to need all the bravery I can muster to get myself into that shop and hope that they do not laugh at me. I'm 51 and a good 5 stones overweight, I might just possibly die of embarrassment!

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For every one of us who sets foot in those shops they make a new customer for life... I have a feeling they will be getting used to us by now, and very welcoming. I bet they will have seen bigger and older... and I bet they love seeing us all go back for more, a bit slimmer and, while not chronically younger, with more years to live. Of course that means they sell us more shoes! So, no need to be embarrassed... they want us to come.

Great job on week 3, great attitude towards week 4... go get it.

Thank you for your encouragement, I really do want to do this!


I had some gait analysis in my local running shop last week where I purchased some proper running shoes. Everybody in the shop was lovely and very encouraging so don't be embarrassed- they want you as a customer.

By the way I'm 58 and whilst a stone lighter than when I started - I do not have an athlete's body that's for sure!!!

Pandarina in reply to BellaJ

Thanks, that's encouraging :)


Don't be embarrassed you'reout there doing it. If they are anything like our local shop they will welcome you with open arms. Experts love to share their knowledge (in a good way) and help people achieve their goals.

Happy shopping 👟👟👟

Thanks, that's what I'm telling myself - at least I'm trying.

Yo Pandarina! I am 55 and also 5 stone overweight and I just did gait analysis /proper shoe buying for the first time. The lady certainly didn't make me feel uncomfortable, she made me feel like a runner! I love my new shoes. Go for it and enjoy your purchase xxx

Oh that is such good news, thank you! I really hope my shop are just as helpful.


Go get those running shoes & be proud. You took the biggest step when you left your home to start this programme and the running shop staff will welcome you with open arms, i’m sure. Seriously, your footwear is your most important piece of kit-buy the best you can within budget and you’ll be flying!

I started wk3 this morning and found it challenging which was disappointing at the time but still feel great for keeping going.

Do look up your local parkrun-i’ve done 2 so far, following the podcast & walking the rest and it covers all ages/sizes/stages, & really friendly.

Good luck with the rest of the programme x

Pandarina in reply to MrsBeario

Thank you, I never thought of doing parkruns at this stage. I was saving them as a goal to get to for completing the programme. I might give it a go a bit sooner then.

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