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Week 3 run 3 in the bag

Au revoir week 3 and bonjour week 4!

I'm feeling good! I'm ready to take on week 4.

I do find I that by the end of the podcast, I'm wanting to run some more (extra curricular running as so to speak) and I find that portion of running easier - maybe it takes me longer to get warmed up.

I can't believe I can run! Nor can I believe that I actually want to run! It's a great feeling.

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I also did my week 3 run 3 run with you (virtually) :) I managed it but was glad when it had finished :D x


Well done kickibro! I knew someone was with me ;-) Nice to have the company!

How do you feel about next weeks runs?

Have you done ny running before?



You undoubtedly heard me puffing :D

I will push myself to do week 4 although I do feel challenged by 5 mins of running. I don't think it will be easy for me. I have never run apart from at school over 30 years ago!!!! I do swim though and swim half a mile easily without stopping most weeks. I find running really hard tbh. Some days are better than others.


Gosh - you aren't getting fit for a duathelon are you?! (Or is that cycling and running)


I have no idea :D


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