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Week 3: In the bag

Last night was run 3 of week 3 and, despite the thunderstorm forming over my head, I really enjoyed the run. I managed to hydrate well during the day and I was looking forward to getting home from a looooooooooong day at work and running away from my woes :). I found that I felt a little tired at the end of the last 3min run but I took Laura's advice and kept going and felt great as a result. On to week 4! Really proud of my progress.

On a side note- as it is coming into Australian summer and in SA the temp can reach 45degreesC during the day and not budge much into night I am concerned about being able to run in the heat while continuing in the program. I run after work around 6:30pm when the sun is setting but in the middle of summer this could still mean a temp of 35+. Does anyone have any tips re getting used to running in heat?

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I would love to be able to say yes, but I'm from England and heat isn't something we have a problem with! In fact on yesterdays run, I had trouble seeing where I was going due to the thick fog and drizzle. I would imagine that an early morning run before work might be good, before it starts seriously heating up. I love the very early mornings anyway, but I know not everybody does! Nothing like it, just you, and the dawn and the birds singing. But anyway, I guess it's just lots of water, and then either the earlier or later the better. Well done on week 3 too!!


I love the idea of

'running away from my woes'

When I was in St Lucia I could only manage 20 minutes running outside in the heat; and that was at 6 am. I did the rest in the gym.

But I believe it's something that you get used to.

Well done on completing week 3!


Hi. I live in Sydney and started running with the c25k program last January. Admittedly it wasn't a particularly hot summer but I found running on dusk was better, running at the gym when I had to run in daylight hours, 5-6am is a bit fresher too. Other than that... water and heaps of it! You'll be fine, good luck!


Thanks for that! I might have to change my routine to fit in morning or late at night runs during summer then :)


Lifewithoutthecouch - I havent any suggestions for running in the heat - living in England its rarely a problem!

However, i was stunned in to blogging you back because you'd mentioned you ran for 3 minutes in week three???!!!! erm........ crickey, well done you!! Being two weeks behind, that just seems an impossibility!!

Keep on running and in to week four!!



Thanks- yes 3 minutes seemed like a crazy task at the start but it is not that bad! I think for me it's all in my mind- building it up to be harder than it is. If I can do it then seriously anyone can lol. Good luck with your progress!! Happy running :)


Well done on completing week 3.

We had a heatwave for one week in the summer, and everyone found it hard work. i can only suggest you try to run when its cooler.

Its much easier to run in the cool and rain, but like i said we had one week of heat, and alot of people were blogging of failed runs. Keep going and good luck


Well done on completing Week 3. I approach it with fear - the mere thought of running for 3 minutes! So well done you and I hope you find a solution to the heat issue - as many have said - not something we in the UK have to worry about too much : /


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