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Completed w7r3

Better run today, maybe my new shoes are helping I picked it up for the last 2 mins, listening to a playlist I created last song gave me a boost.... Bang bang!!!!

I listened to Laura earlier in week but used another app that just tells me when I'm half way through!!! And when I've 2 mins left as I wanted to listen to some other music. I will listen to her again for first run of week 8.

While I don't want to get too hung up on distance I covered 3.38k during runtime , today I felt I could have ran more not during the first 15 mins but certainly the last 10 I felt comfortable , that's a long time to find my rhythm or is that normal folks ????

This forum has been so so good .... Thanks 😉❤️💪🏻🍀

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Doing just fine.... :)

Some days, still, I find the first ten minutes or so, hard going... You do what you did, slow, steady and just one foot in front of the other:)

Week 8 here you come... ooo, it is getting closer !

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Hi I completed W7 today and covered about the same distance so you're not alone :) I run very very slowly but try to just keep going. Good luck with W8!

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