W7R3 completed! :)

W7R3 completed! :)

Hey guys/gals,

Well, I have just come out the shower after completing my last run of week 7 and I feel great! :)

To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to doing this run and if I was only having 1 rest day between runs I would've probably left it until tomorrow as I have no work tomorrow. But, as I now have 2 rest days in between runs I really needed to get out and complete it today. So, I found the time (and energy) to put my running gear on and ventured out...

I set off from home and made my way to the local industrial estate, by the time I arrived there I had done my 5 minute warm up walk so I started my run on my usual old route up the industrial estate. But then I went on a completely new route I looked at before I set off. I was trying to avoid any serious inclines as that's when I struggle.

As you can probably tell by the screenshot of my run I did get a fair bit of an incline to run up (see the red/yellow area), but it wasn't a major hill and although it did slow me down, I did eventually get up it without collapsing in a heap! Once I got to the top of this incline I really gave it some and increased my pace even though I knew I still had around 5 minutes of running left. I just knew I was going to be ok because I had walked that pathway once before and I knew most of it was downhill. :)

That increase in pace really paid off, because as you can see by my screenshot, I smashed through the 3km mark for the first time, completing 3.16km in exactly 25 minutes! :) (Yes, I only log my running, and do not include my walking before and after).

So, all in all I am going into week 8 in a few days time feeling quite good and hopefully more than capable of upping my running time to 28 minutes. :)


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30 Replies

  • That's great news Lee337 - I can sense you are feeling proud - and so you should be :-) 6 more runs until graduation!! Keep up the great work and I'll be waiting for you ... on the other side lol

    Super Star x

  • Thank you dereham-girl :)

    Wow, I hadn't thought of that...only 6 more runs. Yeah!

    So you're waiting on the otherside, eh? Err...should I be happy or worried about that? It sounds like it could be trouble! :D x

  • Great stuff Lee337. You sound really chuffed!

  • Thanks! Yeah, I am! :)

  • Well done. Also great when you do a personal best.

  • Cheers Joe! :)

  • That's really great Lee, really well done. I found 2 days between runs worked for me too when I first moved up to 25 mins. Good luck for W8!

  • Thank you Tailsmo :)

    Yeah, I really don't think I would've fully recovered if I only took one rest day.

  • Yay! Just don't underestimate W8 or you're in for nasty surprise. I know I did, thinking 'what's another 3 minutes'. Proper rest, nice'n'slow. Great job so far.

  • Thank you ench0 :)

    Yeah, I will indeed be careful with week 8. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Another week over you well done, breaking 3 km go you.....I'm completing wk 7 in the morning , I mostly take just 1 day between runs!!! That will change as back to work next week found my last run tough even with my new running shoes!!!

  • Thanks Cuig1975 :)

    That is impressive that you've got this far with only 1 rest day between runs. I haven't been brave enough to attempt that!

    Good luck with completing week 7 as well and I hope your new shoes are doing the job for your final sprint finish to graduation! :)

  • O you will smash week 8no bother well done you must be feeling on top of the world😊🏃🏃🏃👍well done you! X

  • I certainly am Phyllis. Thank you! :) x

  • That's absolutely brilliant! Well done lee! And you've increased the pace too..only 2 more weeks to go :)

  • Thanks debze :)

    Yeah, can you believe it, only 6 more runs to go and we've completed C25K! :D

  • Well done, Lee! It sounds like you've really smashed week 7! Only another six runs and you'll be a graduate...

  • Thanks Raven2016 :)

    Yes, I think I have enjoyed week 7 more than any other week so far. Well, I don't know if 'enjoy' is the right word, but this week has been one of those weeks where things seem to be making sense, if you know what I mean? ;)

  • Well done Lee! I love reading your positive posts not least because we are in synch on this programme, I completed W7 yesterday as well. Treated myself to some running bottoms from Aldi - any excuse!

  • Nice one Janinnotts. I also took the opportunity to purchase a few items from Aldi last week! :)

    It's nice to hear that I'm managing to keep up with you there as well Jan! ;)

    Good luck with week 8.

  • Well done Lee. No worries about pace etc. Slow running, and taking it steady, gets you safely to graduation ☺

  • Yup! I like the sound of that. Thanks misswobble :)

  • Fantastic Lee, well done you! It's always a wonderful achievement when you don't want to run, but do, and absolutely smash it! Victory tea all round I say! :)

  • Thanks Anna! :)

    I think if I graduate it'll be something a 'tad' stronger than tea for a change! :D

  • Ahaha, you gotta treat yourself! Coffee it is :')

  • Haha. I had something slightly different in mind though Anna! ;)

  • hehe! I'm gonna assume it's not hot beverage stuff!

  • Correct! Like you say...you gotta treat yourself! :D

  • Well done Lee 337! The screen shot looks as if you are doing really well. I've been so busy at work and getting home late that I haven't been out for my next run. I should have gone yesterday, but couldn't so thought it would happen today. I'll definitely go tomorrow but hope I haven't lost the flow. I did need an extra day to sort my ankle out, but its so frustrating when you feel ready to go, but can't get out. Good luck for week 8. How time has flown.

  • Thanks mate. :)

    Yeah time has flown by hasn't it? It only seems like last week when we were complaining about puffing and panting while struggling to run for just 60 seconds! :D

    It's a shame you have not been able to get out and do your last run of week 7. Yeah, life can really get in the way sometimes can't it? :D I've been lucky that for the most part of this plan I have not been working, so I've been able to run whenever I wanted to, but I am back working again now. However, I'm working nights, so I do get time to go out in the afternoon still. :)

    Sorry about the ankle problem, but I guess the extra time will give it a bit longer to recover (hopefully). Anyway, all the best with your last run of week 7.

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