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So there goes week 7. Runs 1 and 2 were OK but a bit tough - no problem with completion but I felt at times that I was at minimum speed with no capacity to do more. Run 3 today was much better (perhaps because the chilling breeze of r1&2 had abated).

Looking forward to week 8 my ambition is to enjoy each run - not by going further or faster - but by finding them gradually less demanding. Is this reasonable - or am I being unrealistic? It would be great to get to the end and feel I could run comfortably for 30 minutes.

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Think back to wk1 of 60 seconds and look how far you've come . So yes in a way the runs to become less demanding keep going and enjoy 😊

notreallymeGraduate in reply to Buddy34

Thanks Buddy34. Of course, you are absolutely right - compared to w1r1 this is amazing. My ambition now is not just to get to w9r3 but to be able to do it comfortably. This may take somewhat longer than the c25k programme but that's OK. Wonderful app/podcast. Couldn't have done it on my own.


I found some of these runs a real slog but the work put in does pay off. I concentrated on just clocking up the runs on the basis speed and distance would be post graduation. Well done

notreallymeGraduate in reply to Aspire24

Thank you Aspire24 - good common sense.


I’m the same, w7r2 and ‘running’ like a snail but challenging myself to get the times under my belt until I feel comfortable then thinking of speeding up after graduating. My app hero/buddy Sarah says its about stamina and not speed at this point and I’m taking her at he word! 😉🏃‍♀️


Hi notreallyme.

I do know what you mean. I too am looking forward to that moment when I run more comfortably along my route.

I have 1 more run in week7 to do and I am thrilled and amazed that I have got this far.

I am using the podcast . For the last 1min Sarah encourages you to try to run a bit faster to prove you have something left in the tank. I wish I could ignore her. I suffered my first case of serious jelly legs. The 5min warm down was not a brisk walk but a slow wobble😄

When you measure how far we have come in just 7 weeks. I'm sure we will continue to improve our fitness levels.

I find that even if it doesn't feel any faster Strava tells me otherwise keep up the good work!


What an achievement to have got so far in the programme. I’m just about to start week 7 and am definitely in the very slow moving group. I’m trying to focus on the achievement of getting this far , rather than the little voice that tells me I should be quicker. The programme is really about running for 30 minutes, rather than the distance covered. This will come in time. We are both runners - never thought I would say that about me. Enjoy the rest of the programme.

notreallymeGraduate in reply to Lola9631

Thanks Lola. I'm hoping that as my fitness improves I'll find the runs a bit less demanding and may speed up gently without realising it. I don't have any ambition to break records. I'm just pleased (and rather surprised - hence the name) to be out there doing it.

I am on week 7 run 3 on Thursday I am enjoying it and realise that it is doable now but it is mind over body (and my mind keeps saying 25 minutes!!!!! but my body is doing it although I measured the 25 mins and Iam only getting to 3k but it is more than I have ever done so well done me and well done everyone for doing this challenge 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️💯💯

notreallymeGraduate in reply to Redheadandforty

Yes - definitely mind over body. I sometimes try to distract myself from what my body is telling me by thinking about nice things (like what's for tea) - or doing mental arithmetic (like how much old age pension I've 'earned' during a run!). Whatever gets you through the run ......

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