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Repeat week 1?

Thanks for your warm welcome and advice on here - it's really helping.

I did my third week one run this afternoon - and first one in the park which was lovely - I did it OK and managed to run for all 8 bits (well, slowly trot rather than run!) but it's still a challenge. Should I repeat week 1 before moving on to week 2? Are you meant to move on at the time or when you're comfortable and confident you can do that week no problem?

Thank you


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No, on you go! If you maintained a running motion when Laura (or some other person if you are using the app not the podcasts) said run, and you've done the session 3 times with at least a day between each one, you are ready to move on. Even if you feel you were in a losing race with a snail. Even if you thought you were about to die.

(Bravo for getting to grips with Week One straight off... took me more than 12 attempts to complete it... the rest of C25K was a doddle by comparison (not a doddle, you understand, just by comparison... but looking back I was clearly running too fast and walking too fast)


Thank you - bit daunted about what might be next but will give it a go - I can always come back again I guess if I need to!!


Slowly trot is good for any of the weeks - much better to go slowly in fact, and if in doubt slow it down still more. Enjoy week 2 :-)


Well done Ruth! It sounds like you are doing everything right so just continue with the plan, that's what I am doing. The way I do it is to attack each week and see how I get on. If I was to fail a run in any week, then I would simply take my usual rest days and give the run another go. Luckily, I haven't had to do any repeating yet, but I almost had to repeat W6R1 as I only just managed it, so look out for that one, it catches a lot of people out after successfully completing the first 'big one' of the plan.

Good luck. :)


Congrats on completing week 1 woo hoo!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I think if I'd have waited until I was comfortable and confident with a weeks run before I moved on, I'd still be on week 1! I'll be doing my graduation run tomorrow or the next day!!! If you've completed the running sections no matter how slow, then you've done it!! Now it's time for week two. Laura really does know what she's talking about. Enjoy!!!!


Well done Ruth on completing Week 1 ... I hope to be in the same position tonight.

Please share with us how you found the transition to Week 2! :)


It is a great feeling isn't it. Move on to the next week, keep moving on if you can. Remember slow is good. You've always got those weeks in the bank if you need to return to them.


Move on. You can always go back.

I feel I need to keep challenging myself so will always push on. Hopefully not too hard though


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