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Week 1 completed - but going to repeat it

Hi :) did my third run of week 1 yesterday and although it started off really well by the time I got to the sixth one minute run I was in trouble!! I was so out of breath it was unreal and I actually had to slow down and walk - then when it came to do the seventh it was even worse - only managed about 20 seconds of running before I had to walk again - same with the eighth :( Bit disappointed with myself and, being the perfectionist that I am, I have decided to repeat week 1 again next week.

On a more positive note - I have enjoyed doing the runs and I am determined to continue - even if it does mean repeating weeks until I am 100% ready to move on to the next week!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy the lovely weather - take care xxx.

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Well done and don't be disappointed at least you are out there doing it. :-) Try moving on to week two you might surprise yourself. But remember it's not race you go at your own pace and what you feel comfortable with.

Best of luck with whichever run you decide to do. :-)


Hiya - thanks for your kind words :)

I have thought about moving on to week 2 but think what I'll do is repeat week 1 run 1 on Monday and see how I feel and make my decision then.

Congrats on graduating by the way - well done :) xxx.


Thank you. I love my badge. :-)


DO NOT DESPAIR! Of course it's difficult especially like me if you've NEVER EVER done any exercise since school - and I'm 50! So by all means repeat the first week if you decide to do that, but if you keep with it, your body will just get used to what you're putting it through!

6 weeks ago I started this and although I found the running bloody hard, I felt BRILLIANT after it. So grit your teeth, gird your loins, stiffen your upper lip and GO FOR IT!!!!!


Hi there :)

Yes it is difficult but i am determined to stick with it and see it all the way through!!!

Going to repeat week 1 run 1 on Monday and see how I get on - will then decide what to do.

Good luck with your runs too xxx.


I thought every week that I have to repeat the week but I alwas tried the first run of the next week and it always went good.

Move on, you can do it!


hi Windywoo, Me too! Repeating week 1 I mean. I think that you should be confident about going into the next week.

I know you might be disappointed but try to think that at least you're doing it. Getting out the door is sometimes the hardest part - as well as the running bit of course [haha] :)


The main thing is to get out and do the runs regularly. Every time you get out of breath you are increasing your condition and your recovery time improves in leaps and bounds (so I am told!). I think we all find our way through this programme with the odd repetition here or extra few days off there. You must adapt it to fit around you and what you are comfortable with. Glad you're sticking with it too!


Hi Windywoo . I always dread going on to the next week convincing myself I can't do it... my head is my worst enemy. But thanks to my partner (and Laura of course) who convinces me to at least give it a go I so far have managed to get to W6. I still plod along,get out of breathe, have the reddest face ever and hope maybe one day I will be able to run with ease. So you are not alone .Keep going and stay positive that sense of achievement as you move through the weeks will spur you on. Good luck :-) x


Hi Windywoo

There's nothing wrong in repeating any of the runs if you are more comfortable with that method. Right from the start I made a conscious decision to do each week at least twice before going on to the next. It works for me and that is the key to it - I'm doing it for me!



Don't forget the mantra - go slow and steady. It is possible to jog more slowly than you walk and in the beginning is usually the way to go. Don't start off each section too quickly, you can always speed up later. It does take our bodies a while to get used to doing this, especially if you've not done much/any exercise in a while.

As we're all doing it for 'us' and it's not a race repeat all you want to.


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