W6R3 repeat #1

First off, thank you everyone for your encouragement in response to my last post! Today I did better than yesterday. I took the podcast for R2 and ran through the walking break and then another minute or so, which means I ran for 14 mins consecutively as opposed to yesterday's 10. Unfortunately did make the mistake of stopping when I could have gone on, and then couldn't get myself to start running again. However, I am proud of myself for getting out there again today. As I said in one of my previous posts, I don't take failure well and I was afraid I might give up, but I didn't. That's a little pat on the back for me.

On Monday I'll do the same podcast but I'll run until at least 5 mins into the second 10 mins, and more if I can. At some point I WILL kick that 25mins' butt.


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14 Replies

  • Very well done :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • It's now definitely mind over matter. This is the one I just couldn't get in my head but I got there in the end and you will too. Get out there on Monday and kick butt!

  • I'll do my best!

  • Keep going, you will do this!

  • Thanks, Millsie-J :)

  • Dont forget you can already run 20 minutes, you have so you can! Stamp on those b....y gremlins, do NOT let them win. We will be running with you remember! Go girl🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

  • I hated this run and also pretty much week seven. Looking back I think I was afraid of making a 'lifelong commitment to long runs' and was in fear of being in constant discomfort on every run. I conquered my gremlins by agreeing with myself that, ok I would do the full 25 (then 28) minutes, but only on my terms; which was to run as slowly as I wanted to and without discomfort (apart from mild breathlessness and a bit of tiredness in legs).

  • I guess maybe that is part of it as well, a kind of fear that it never gets easier? That's a good tip actually!

  • Yes, it was the sudden realisation (well obvious really but..) that the point of doing the programme wasn't to get to nine weeks and job done but that it continued.....! My legs definitely started to buckle at that thought, so I had to find a way that was acceptable to me. Now that I've started to enjoy myself I no longer fear it (but no doubt something else will crop up) :)

  • Hey pleased this run went better. You can deff do this. You managed wk5 run 3 so you know you can do 20mins. I found jump from 20 to 25 a big jump in some ways harder then to 20mins. It is also getting a bit warmer than six weeks ago and pollen counts higher etc which may also be making it harder. Good luck with next run!

  • You're quite right, knowing I did 20 mins already I should be able to that again at least. I think I kind of lost all motivation, but tomorrow I'll go out and do 20 minutes at least! And I agree with you, somehow this 25 mins is a much higher mountain to climb than when I first did 20 mins. I think it might have something to do with going back to interval running at the beginning of week 6, maybe it would have been better for me personally to do 20 mins again twice that week and THEN move to 25. Would be interested to know the thought process of going back to interval running...!

  • I think the battle here is a psychological, rather than physical. The gremlins are getting their own way.

    I would suggest you go back to the last run you enjoyed, say W5R2 - or whatever, and repeat the programme from there, giving yourself a good confidence run up ( pun completely intentional) to this one.

  • That's good advice - the last run I enjoyed was W5R3 although it was a tough one. I'll do that one and then at one point maybe I'll find myself thinking "eh those last 5 minutes, let's just add them" ^_^

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