No running for 3 months plus!

I thought I had already posted this a few days ago, but I might have missed the button!!

So I went to the fracture clinic at the hospital a week ago. The good news is that there is no sign of osteoporosis so it looks as though my stress fractures (both ankles!) were either caused by the wrong trainers or not being used to running. The doctor said I could ask my GP to arrange a bone density test if I was worried, but she didn't seem concerned.

I've been given air cast boots and crutches for balance and sent on my merry way till mid-Dec when I have to go back. I'm not allowed to drive, and I have to sit with my feet up at home (where I don't have to wear the boots). I'm waiting to speak to a physio from my doctor's surgery because I wasn't really told at the hospital how much I should be trying to move around in the boots and how much I should be staying put, and I don't know where the fractures are, if one foot is worse than the other (left is far more painful) or anything more about them than I did before. I got zero advice about work - they said I can work, but didn't seem to appreciate that it is hard to get there without a car, and I work in buildings some distance apart from each other so now I can't drive between them, I will struggle. They weren't interested - that is for me and work to sort out, they said, but they didn't suggest what help I would need.

My boss has been really good, and we have rejigged my teaching to a mixture of online and cover from a colleague for a couple of weeks, and I am waiting to speak to Occupational Health to see what support I can get after that or whether it is just going to be too difficult to arrange things so that I can go in. So it is incredibly frustrating - I'm a lecturer, and it is really hard to arrange full cover in my subject, plus I hate messing the students around. I'm working from home with my feet up and just doing the best I can, as it is not in my nature just to go off sick if I can help it. I can lose the boots when I am no longer in pain, which will help a bit, depending how far I can walk.

I was told I shouldn't run until well over 3 months have passed as it takes that long for the bone to laminate - perhaps longer. I don't think my family wants me to try again ever, and I can see their point, so I probably need to go and get some advice from somewhere when I am better. I'm not allowed to do any exercise at all using my legs till mid-December (even Aqua aerobics or Pilates), but I have my eye on an arm cycle at the gym!!

To say I am gutted is an understatement, but I know this is for 6 weeks, not 60 years, and people put up with far worse. I've got smashing support from friends and family and work, and had kind emails from students so it is not all bad, and I am trying very hard not to feel sorry for myself.

I will come on the forum from time to time to see how you are all doing, and wish you all happy running. In spite of my current predicament, I would recommend this programme to anyone - and the forum - you are all amazing, supportive and inspirational. I really hope I will be able to join you all again on your journey sometime in 2017!


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  • Ouch,

    Sorry to hear of your predicament, and I wish youal th elook to a speedy recovery :-)


  • Thank you! It is so nice knowing people are on my side!

  • I can understand your frustration and also your family's concerns. But you really need to put your recovery as a priority. Put your feet up and concentrate on getting better. :-)

  • Thank you! Yes, you are right. I just need to take one step (no pun intended) at a time.

  • I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you have an incident free recovery and I soooo understand your frustration (been there!!). Chin -up.

    ps: you're allowed to feel pissed off, it's a sucky situation.

  • Thank you, pollyp1. It's good to have permission to be pissed off - it is very easy to feel guilty for feeling that way, but I am also trying really hard not to drown my husband and cats in my self-pity! How long did it take you to get back to running?

  • I hadn't started running when I was subject to the same treatment from a consultant. I know that they can't give us the answers to everything but I was in a really emotional place and the cold attitude was staggering (and, yes, I know they're not all like that!). At that point I didn't ever think I'd run (long term back problems following a high speed / high impact car crash, and sciatica I just couldn't seem to stabilise at that point) so even tho I am soooo slow the fact that I can do 30 mins non stop is amazing. The pissed pffness / not drowning in self pity is a bit of a balancing game. The hardest thing I found was accepting that. Good luck! You can pm me if you need to rant...

  • Thanks, pollyp1. I may well do that!! Feeling a bit better today - ankles a bit achy, but my concentration is improved so I am being more productive and more cheerful.

  • That's good to hear! Fingers crossed for a hassle free recovery.

  • Rest up.. recover, and plan those new routes for 2017! Only 66 days! :)

    You have had a horrid time and it will be frustrating, but, so much you can do in the enforced rest..Upper body exercises... route planning... a bit of retail therapy..( running gear obviously).. Plan a load of knock-em -out lectures.. and generally spoil yourself too. !

    Pop on here as and when.. we will keep you entertained :) Happy healing :)

  • Thank you!! Yes, I need to be patient. I was on the treadmill, but maybe grass would be kinder next time round. Retail therapy ... hmm, on computer a lot... goes to Amazon....

    Have just had a friend offer to pick me up for lunch tomorrow - I do at least have people who care. So many people don't have that privilege.

  • Hope the recovery goes to plan. Draw on your untapped reserves of patience, you will get there. Arm cycling just sounds painful :-D

  • Thank you! Yes, might be limited to arm raising with added weight of glass of wine ๐Ÿ˜‚.

    What is so frustrating is that I partly started this because I had elbow problems and thought it was a way of exercising without putting too much stress on it!

  • Wine can make all the difference :-D

  • I think it already has (not tonight, she says hastily). Cherry vodka seems to work well too... and it tastes a bit like cough linctus so it must be doing me good!๐Ÿ˜‹

  • That is crappy news, but some things are worth waiting for, aren't they! Just take time to get as well as you can and then pick your sport to ease you back in to the game. Getting better and mending as much as you can is your priority now, we are all still here too chat away to you when you need a running fix! And yes, I second some online retail therapy can work wonders for the mind... x

  • Thank you, LonelyWalker. I am feeling a bit happier today. Occupational Health have reassured me that I shouldn't do anything to impede my recovery - but my line managers are also coming up with positive and reasonable suggestions. No-one is suggesting I should overdo it - quite the contrary in fact.

  • I'm sorry to read that. Injury seems inevitable for most runners it seems and goes with the territory.

    I want to reassure you that you will get back to running but you need to be patient and listen to the medical experts. I couldn't run for three months earlier this year with a bone bruise and although I could do other exercise it wasn't what I wanted to do most of all and it was very frustrating so I understand how you feel.

    But, I kept coming here and that made me feel I was still a runner. People were so supportive and so lovely and it made the time go faster.

    Do whatever exercise you can, however little it is. That makes you feel you are in some control. Eat well, sleep well and generally take care of yourself.

    You've got a very positive attitude and that will help enormously.

    You will be back running. I have no doubt. Take care and post often to let us know how you're getting on.

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