Couch to 5K

Running for a month!

Week 4 complete!

Bit naughty, didn't take a day's rest, but with MP3 fully charged I went out again this morning. It was hard on my legs without a rest day so don't think I'll be doing that again in a hurry, but completed it.

Made me realised how far I actually ran yesterday without the podcast - probably about double the distance - so for once I'm not freaking out at the thought of moving on to W5 (although the 20min run does still fill me with some trepidation)!

Found myself thinking of how far I've actually come in a month. What seemed impossible only a week or so ago now seems ridiculously easy (ie 60s runs in w1) and I've got in a regular routine of running.

Does that make me a "runner"???!!!!!!!

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You think you're hurting now, just wait 'till you get your leg slapped for being naughty and not taking a rest day...!! Brilliant news, well done. Sounds like you're coming on in leaps and bounds - I'm very jealous! I certainly can't imagine running double the distance at the moment.


Thanks BP! I consider myself chastised!! You're doing great too - how did your run go today?


It's good when someone is honest and confesses to have not taken a rest day, even better when it's proven to be hard. It just goes to prove the theory that our bodies need that rest to recover. Well done though, sounds like you have been bitten by the running bug.


That's great! I am doing the last run of week 4 tomorrow and was thinking the same thing as you about how far I've come in a month. When I'm doing that 5 minute run and Laura says "1 minute to go" I think back to when 1 minute was all I was doing! I am pretty scared of week 5 though lol!

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Ruth, I've decided to think about each week as follows: 1) Was I scared of last week? 2) Did I complete this week ok? 3) Then what are you getting in a state about?! Keep going! We will be runners before we know it!!


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