Starting week 3 and feeling a change

Hello everyone!

So tomorrow I should be starting W3R1 and I'm noticing a change. I hate running, like, really hate running. Something to do with the sweat. I don't like how it drips everywhere. But on my last run, I noticed that I wanted to run. I was out with my husband and I kept reminding him that we couldn't get home too late because I had to go running. I don't think I've ever gone home early to work out. More often, I'm getting home super late as an excuse to not work out. So I guess I'm starting to make this workout a habit. That's good.

I'm a little nervous about doing Week 3. I saw that it's jogging for 3 minutes straight. I had a hard time jogging for 90 seconds. I don't know how I'm gonna do 3 minutes. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm traveling this week for work. I don't know if I'm comfortable enough to go to a park and run. I might have to do it on the treadmill. I really hate the treadmill. It hurts my knees more than running outside on a track.

Also, I have a bit of a jelly roll around my mid-section. I noticed during Week 2 that after each running portion, my jelly roll was aching. Does this mean that I'm burning off fat in that area? If so, that would be so great. Or is it just my jelly roll moving around a lot from the running? Do people lose weight on this program? I wasn't really looking to lose weight. More just to get off the couch and be a bit more active. A little bit of cardio is good for the heart and my family has a long history of heart problems.

Didn't have fast food at all last week. Go me! But I'm still working on the soda.

Here goes week 3!


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17 Replies

  • I was petrified with every increase in times. :) I had to repeat some stages but honestly when I graduated it was a case of 'If I can do it, anyone with two legs and at least one lung can' :)

    It's all new and unexplored territory for you at present. Believe me - give it time and take it slow and steady and one day you to - sooner than you can possibly imagine right now - will be upset because you can't run 5K in twenty minutes or some such phenomenal time ;)

    Take it slow. Respect the Rest Days. Accept that some runs will be 'practice runs' and the other ones will be 'success runs'. Read early posts by the graduates - we all shared the same fears and concerns but we kept on going, slow and steady :)

    You'll be fine, I promise. :)

  • Best advice I was given was to take it steady. The program is amazing and you can do it, you just have to believe in yourself and trust the program. You'll do just great! Happy running! I'm about to start w7r1, and I'm really enjoying it. :)

  • This is your programme so if you feel you have been struggling with 90 seconds then repeat week 2 until you are confident you can. Or do week 3 but don't beat yourself up if you can, at first, only do 90 seconds of it - you WILL get there and suddenly look back with disbelief!

  • Brilliant keep at it. Follow program and relax. Maybe the stomach muscles behind have been activated...all good.

  • Slow and steady.. the programme does work, if you take it gently. No pressure.

    It does follow on and each week does prepare you for the next. The programme is not specifically intended for weight may help, but what it generally does is tighten and hone you up! So, the jelly roll...( love that ) is feeling the benefits!

    Some core strength exercise could help too..:)

    Just focus on how far you have come and not on what is following, you are doing brilliantly...if you can get outside..slow and steady, ignore everyone around you... you are an invisible runner, , off the couch and out there ...:)

  • If you are doing it and still hating it then you certainly have the grit to get you through the programme. If you complete a week then you are ready to move on....... that's how it works. But of course, you are in control, so if you feel you need to repeat either a run or a week, then it will do no harm.

    Most people find that running alone does not make you lose weight, but it will tone you up, from the waist downwards at least. Quitting the soda, which is pure empty calories, would be far more effective, in that respect.

    Stick with it. You are doing great and one day you may actually find yourself longing to go for a run, then you will be hooked. Personally, I cannot contemplate running on a dreadmill...........give me the big outdoors every time!

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Hello :-) Just had to google the tag at the bottom - new word for the day. Actually, there's nothing abnormal about sweating when running (I certainly do - how much depends on weather, clothing and how much I push myself). What about a sweat band to absorb it before it gets to your eyes? A rolled up buff can be very good for that. Would you enjoy it more, be more comfortable and find it easier if you slowed down a bit? At the stage you're at I was sure I would have to do each week several times - couldn't imagine 30 minutes when 90 seconds had been so hard. I was fine. I think one of the big things that helped as i gradually became able to do more was that as you start running for a bit longer you get into a consistent rhythm. I would also never have believed how much I'd enjoy it - I was just doing it for the exercise but now I really miss it on rest days. Hoping you will find you enjoy it too :-)

  • It's not really face sweat that bothers me. I don't sweat to much there. It's the cleavage and lower back sweat that annoy me. The dripping drives me crazy.

  • Hi,

    Like you, the thought of running for me was totally horrid. I hated even the idea of running. But the thing about this programme is that you get to take it gradually and build on previous success. Like others have already said, as does Laura, don't go too fast. It's a gentle jog. And if you need to repeat some runs just to secure your confidence, then that's OK.

    It can be really hard going for some runs, but try to stick with it. It'll be worth it when you get to the point where you look forward to running.

    While I don't have a "jelly roll" to annoy me, I do have very sore breasts (due to surgery and reconstruction) so I minimise them moving with a high intensity support bra). I just wondered if it would be worth investing in some "Bridget Jones Knickers" that would keep everything in place and help you feel more comfortable. Or maybe you could try a compression running top as a base layer to keep you feeling more comfy.

  • Hahaha! Bridget Jones Knickers! Oh I like that. I hadn't thought of using a compression top. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the tip.

  • Welcome on board. As others have said, the program on its own will not generate a massive weight loss, but you will see a change in shape. Measure your waist, thighs and hips - that's where you will see a change. For your weekend run, if you start to struggle, slow down. Then, slow down even more! The program works. It is not easy (where would be the sense of achievement in that?!). If you have completed a week, you are physically ready to move on to the next. It's only self doubt (gremlins!) that hold you back. You can do this, so get it done and then come back and tell us how it went.

  • It's all,good. every little helps. I had spare tyres on my spare tyre but not now! 😊 Running does jiggle your middle but that's OK. your lycra running tights should hold it all in ☺

    KEEP, off the pop and eat healthily, and if you stick with the programme you should feel healthier and the weight should start to shift. try and walk more too as that helps as well

  • 3 minutes? You'll ace that. I think this programme is more a "mind over matter" kind of thing. You'll find your legs are probably fine but it will be your head that tells you you're tired. You just have to tell you're head that you are carrying on to the end and tell the gremlins to go away. When you do eventually complete the 3 minutes you'll feel amazing! Just take it slow and steady. There were a few runs I had to repeat but if that's the case don't worry about it. If you don't get to the end of the 3 minutes, treat this run as a practice and have another go next time. The programme works, trust in Laura. Have fun!

    PS It sounds as though you are starting to get bitten by the running bug!!!

  • Slow, slow and even more slow if you have to. It doesn't matter if walking people go faster than you - the running action is different. I remember feeling just as panicky about the dreaded 3 minutes, but trust the programme. If you've completed week 2, you're ready for Week 3. I didn't expect to lose weight either, but after a while, I began to notice my shape changing, and my clothes getting looser. What a bonus!!! And as the time has gone on I have lost weight - very slowly and steadily. I've also found my attitude to food has changed a bit. I don't find comfort food quite so comforting any more, and choose to eat fruit & yohourt for breakfast quite often instead of tea & toast - that's probably helped with the weight loss.

    So just keep going. As others have said - if we can, anyone can. You just have to believe it.

  • Lots of good advice here. Just take it slow and steady, trust the programme and Laura. Take it a run at a time and enjoy your successes and any practice runs. Put the gremlins firmly away in a cupboard. I did not lose weight on the programme but I firmed up quite a bit. The strength ad flex programme is helpful as are warm relaxing baths after a run! Good luck

  • you have had plenty of good advice all i would do is reiterate, slow down a bit if you are worried about the extra time. I noticed when I started running I had a bit of bouncing flesh which gave me a bit of discomfort for a while so I tried a compression shirt which made a different and now it is not a problem. As for the soda there are plenty of diet versions which do not taste to bad.

    Keep us posted 3 minutes passes by really quickly once you get going and a bit of running tourism is always good.

  • I'm doing week 3, run 1 tonight. Can't see how I'll do 3 minutes. Struggled with the 90 seconds last week. Will try though.

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