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No regrets for little running

It was all going too well my training for HM until i got a cold, pulled a muscle and went on an adventure to CR.

As I am sat in my bed looking at the pitch black sky, reading some of your wonderful posts and thinking i am so glad i didn't enter that hm as 15km will be enough of a challenge!!

How naive i was packing my running gear - i will just go for a 15km run i even said on one of my post. How comical that was!!! On my adventure I have learnt several things -

1) I will never complain about hills or inclines again!! There are hills and there are HILLS and INCLINES that will make most runners hide underneath the sofa.

2) Humidity is not a runners friend!! I am so thankful its just hot and dry where i live.

3) Treadmills are not all made equally.

So on my 2 week break I managed 2 very ugly 5km runs and one gym session that was pure boredom hell!! Having said all of that as i look at the little map on my garmin I am pleased i managed to do 1 run.

Yesterday, I faced my gym and it was good to back into the swing of things. This morning I face my normal running route, i am just going to run and see how i go. The holiday pounds will no doubt slow me down but i wouldn't change a thing as its all great fun and experience.

"Run don't hide" Nike t-shirt 2015

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I've recently come back from a trip to Southeast Asia where all I managed was a total of five 5K runs (I had intended it to be 4, one in each of the 4 countries we visited but then I discovered a parkrun in Singapore so just had to do that as well). The heat and humidity was a killer, but I managed to get the runs in by starting early (typically around 6am before the daytime temperatures rose beyond the mid 30s).

I'm not sure if it did me any good or not training wise as I'm now a minute or so slower on parkrun than I used to be, but it was certainly an experience. I managed a parkrun in a tropical rainstorm, got a police escort complete with motorcycle outriders in Cambodia and was generally told off in Hong Kong for "running too fast - it's a jogging track!" and for not using the hotel gym. I have to say that the telling off was done somewhat tongue in cheek. I'm planning to pack my running shoes for future trips.


Sounds like a fab trip!! What an amazing experience and incrediable running experience. I am proud so say I jealous but as i was talking to someone I love hearing about people's travel adventures!!!

Well done for running you did much better than me. I think packing your trainers is always good idea as it gives you the option.

I am curious how did the police escort come about that sounds pretty exciting!!

Today I have done my first run and I have slowed be adventure but I think for me it's the extra weight I am carrying as I can feel it when I run. Oh well


The police escort was a complete coincidence. I think they were practicing for something (or possibly just bored). They appeared from nowhere, formed up round me, escorted me across the middle of a roundabout and then zoomed off... Cambodia was the one place that I saw no other runners whatsoever (though I didn't see many in China). It was a rather surreal situation.

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Now not many runners can say that!! Sounds like an great adventure!!


Sounds like the perfect break, and you've come back fully charged which is exactly what holidays should do :)


Thanks it was. I would recommend it to anyone! Especially for action adventure, wildlife and geography. I would love to take my nephew when he is 14/15.


Oh dear Vix, hopefully the rest of the holiday was good!

Sometimes it's nice to get back home isn't it!


I can finally stop sweating so thats one good thing!!😅 But yesterday I could feel those holiday pounds wobbling on my belly and thighs on my run. All good things must come to an end unfortunately 😞


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