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W11 - Consolidation Running

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Since graduating nearly 2 weeks ago I've managed to carry on running x3, x2 a week despite a busy festive social season.

As always the first ten minutes of each run is not enjoyable and feels hard work but I'm beginning to actually enjoy the middle/end of the run and today I actually felt I could run a bit longer......but I didn't! At the moment I just want to run the whole 30 mins comfortably before chopping and changing the plan. I still have no desire to race/run fast but I'm curious to know how far I run so I'll download an app to track my runs I think.

I'm feeling so much better in myself and my body shape is changing at last. It's hard to believe, if you were to read my first few posts, that it's the same person that's written the above post, no way would I have ever put the words 'run' and 'enjoyable' in one sentence all those weeks ago.

After keeping the C25K a secret for so long now I'm just telling anyone and everyone how it's changed me completely, at last I'm loud and proud of myself!

Happy Christmas and Happy Running to you all.

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Glad to hear that you’ve outted yourself! The first 5-10 is always harder as the body realised what’s happening and gets its ass in gear... the run as a whole is getting easier though, so you’re not far off where you want to be... I ran one really slow and felt I could have just started over and done it again, and I took that as the measure of “comfortable”. Maybe do what you’re doing over the festive period and assess it then?

Happy running and merry Christmas

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MrsH1969Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you as always for your reply.

I know it's normal for the first 10 mins to feel arduous for many, I just need to not be surprised by it every run!

My plan is to keep as I am but come New Year I'm going to try to get to 5K using something like Strava, clock the time and decide what my next goal is going to be - time or distance. I think I'll keep the commitment going with a new challenge/plan.

Hope your return to running is going well?

Merry Christmas MrsH. I am at same stage as you. graduated but still just doing those 30 min consolidation runs. here's to us in 2019. excited to see where our running takes us!

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Yeah, going well... about to go up to one mile.

Personally I went to 5k and then started working by distance.

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Great post, very inspirational, thank you. Merry Christmas.

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