Week 4 completed! Now dreading week rabbits!

Had a mixed week four. Last run was fab, though, I have finally found a route that is actually flat all the way, although it goes past some shops and corners where people kind of loiter...but I'm whizzing past with my music on so although I know the twits are saying something I can't hear them and so am very not worried by their moronity. Lol.

So I managed to speed up in the last minute! The first run of W4 I nearly laughed when Laura said I could slow down if I was struggling because I knew that any slower would mean going backwards. Especially as there is a bit of a hill there. (Nowhere near as steep as near my brothers which defeated me in wk 3, but still a bit difficult for the end of a run)

Weirdly I've started to get a wheeze when I stop running. I'm not asthmatic, that I know of, and this only happens on colder night runs. It doesn't last long. I'm not going to do anything about it right now, because it isn't uncomfortable or anything, but does anyone else get this? Should I be worried or should I just put it down to my body being unused to so much fresh air?!

Anyway, week rabbits starts tomorrow . I know that I am supposed to be able to be able to run for white rabbit minutes by the end of it. And EIGHT minutes at some point before that! Running for five has been pretty tricky, so rabbits seems fairly impossible. Never mind, I'm sure that Laura knows what she is doing, and that hopefully this time next week I'll be talking about how great I feel after doing fluffy bunnikins!

I've got to hop off now, so good luck for the next week to everyone, but especially to those attempting Bugs Bunny!

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9 Replies

  • sorry but what does all the reference to rabbits mean?

    Good for you for ignoring the people, this running is only for the one running and no one elses business 😊

  • Yes, I wondered what the rabbits were all about. I don't have any rabbits on my podcast of Laura. :-)

  • Ha, ha. No, you're not in Wonderland - and you'll be fine! You could replace the rabbits with zombies - that will make you run!

  • Well done so far and good luck ... imagine, as JaySee ways, zombie rabbits perhaps, red eyes, big gnashers, a carrot sign on your back ... that will keep you going! Keep us posted :-)

  • You've read my mind! That is exactly what they look like!

  • I've heard there's an app called zombie run, which I've promised myself if I graduate..sounds like a hoot

  • My hubs did that a few years back, he was one of the zombies ... we did him up in full make up and bloodstained torn combats ... got some funny/terrified looks as he stopped at traffic lights in the car on the way there and back!!! ;-)

  • I am trying not to think, speak, or talk about this weeks runs. Because they look very very scary. (Last week was wk 4). Hence I am thinking about rabbits instead..... Although now they have turned into zombie ones😱🐰🐰

    This was supposed to be a response to Amandalawrence74 , not tomyself, not a new post, and not an edit of another post entirely. Gah! Sorry if you got lots of notifications just now, Amanda!

  • lol I like the idea of replacing bad thoughts for good! Hope you got on ok and surprised yourself with how well you did 🐰

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