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Week 4 not completed :(

Up until now, I have been thinking I could run further when Laura told me I'd finished. Just now, on the last 5 min run I couldn't even get half way through....chest was so tight and my breathing very shallow - and if I slowed down any more I'd be walking. It is very muggy and hot.

So disheartened. Def no where near ready for week 5. Has anyone else had this problem? Aaaargh!!!

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Probably the weather. It is very oppressive today. Don't get disheartened. Do that run again perhaps in the morning before it gets too muggy.


Don't let it worry you. We all have off days. It could be the heat, air quality, you may have a little virus even that is holding you back, you may not have eaten too well yesterday, you may not be properly hydrated, you may not be in a good place emotionally for a run, etc So many things can effect our form and it really isn't worth fretting over. Have a rest day as usual and re-do it. At least you are not on the couch and a little run is better than no run xxx


Don't panic. It's just one bad run - we all get them. And it is exceptionally airless and muggy today.

Just try it again next time and remember to keep the pace nice and slow so you don't wear yourself out. You'll be fine next time.

Lots of people need to repeat runs but still go on to complete the programme. You can do it!


Hi PP,

I had to re-do week 4, it really got to me, and the heat doesn't help!

I did week 5 this week, and although I managed runs 1 & 2 fine, run 3 I couldn't quite manage. So I will now re -do week 5. Best take it steady and slowly! Most of my 'jogging' seems to be slower than my brisk walk - but the jogging action makes all the difference, so slow-down, and keep going if you can. I also find having a few pastilles with me helps, so I don't have the dry mouth problem and they give me just enough sugar boost to keep me going! oh, and, going out when it's cooler or when it's drizzling/raining!

Don't be disheartened! Just take it steady!

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Probably the weather but we all have 'bad run days', too. Chalk it off as a bad one and give it another go :) Good luck.


Oh thanks so much everyone. Will try again! I know I can do it and I'm determined to...x


Wk4R3 was my first stumbling block, (there have been others since!) had to resort to 90 sec walk half way through final run and it was my third attempt at the run before I succeeded. But don't let it dishearten you, keep at it, slow and steady and you will get there. Hoping to start week 7 later today - which on week 1 seemed impossible :)


Hats off to you for even trying to run in the heat. I just know I wouldn't cope with it. I'm up and out early in the morning when it's cool and there is no traffic about. There is something magical about that time of the day. All the best for your next run; stay relaxed and positive and all will be well. Tomorrow I have run 3 of week 6. Laura says I can do it, so fingers crossed! Xx


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