Couch to 5K

Week one completed!!

Just finished my last run of week 1! Honestly didn't think I'd get this far, usually I've given up by now! Really enjoyed all of my runs this week, especially today as I went a new route along the canal near my boyfriends house. Seemed like no time at all before Laura was telling me I had two runs left!

I'm finding my breathing is improving, although my shins are really hurting! Don't think it's shin splints (although had them before so getting worried about it happening!), it feels more muscular so think I just need to stretch more before heading out!

I do feel like a bit of a lurker on here at the moment as I'm not commenting much but I'm reading all of the blogs and getting inspired!

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Congrats and keep going! It's all worth it




Well done, thats the hard week over.

Try stretching more after running, make sure you hold the stretch. Jury is out on stretching before exercise, currents views are that it does more harm than good as your muscles aren't warmed up properly. Also pop to a running shop for gait analysis and check you have the correct shoes.


Awesome :-D keep it up :-D I to thought I would never keep it up... But 3 weeks on and I am still going... And look forward to running in the rain :-D

Agree warming up take it easy... Maybe walk a little longer at start and end... I find I am walking for about 10mins at end before my aches are gone and i am cooled down. :-D

:-D keep going. :-D


Well done on finishing w1 - you must feel fab! Keep at it and keep us posted, good luck for wk 2 :)


I too have just completed week one! Sooooo proud of myself but scared of week two!! Its my breathing that is letting me down, should I repeat week one until I can breathe easily?


Im still getting quite breathless when running but find im recovering alot faster thanbefore. im also finding getting a breathing pattern i.e. deep breath in.through nose and then out through the mouth is really helping so this is making me want to try week 2.However if you don't feel ready yet then do week one again, its not a race :-)


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