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Week 4 now completed

I still cannot believe that on 3 different days this week I ran for 16 minutes on each day. Yes they were broken down into two 3 minutes and two 5 minutes runs, but still.......

I am a little gobsmacked at one of my thoughts on the first five minute run tonight which was " done this on Sunday and Tuesday can do it again" and the BIGGY , NEXT RUN IS ONLY 3 MINUTES !!!!!!!!!!! what was I thinking !!!!!!!!! I can certainly recognise my thought pattern/process over the last few weeks. At this point my eyes were wide and I decided to look at the scenery and concentrate on my breathing. I also forgot how long 5 minutes is. I need to get into the mind-set that it is mostly jogging from here on in with limited walking ( I hope).

Plus out of my 3 runs only one was done early morning, two were done in the evening and dare I say it...... not so self conscious, although there were lots and I mean lots of people on the canal this evening I lost count of how many people were running (always faster then me and a lot younger), walking their dogs and on there bikes. I actually went where I thought there would be less people between the canal wharfs lol, o well.

What a difference four weeks has made to my confidence in believing that Yes I will be able to run for 30 minutes (snails pace), I am quite prepared that I may (pretty certain) have to redo certain weeks ( probably start with next week, with week 5) but Hay ho

Talking about week 5 I thought you could choose just one of the runs to do for the week lol, you know like weeks 1 to 4, good job I read these posts and the week by week instructions. Have now downloaded all 3 podcasts.

Thanks for the ramble

Glen :) :) :) :) :)

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Hi there, I just finished W4R2 today. It was tough, but not as bad as W4R1. I get what you mean about the sense of accomplishment. Week five seems killer though!


I will start week 5 either Sunday or Monday (Monday as away for weekend), yes it still feels good this Morning. :)


Well done! W5 is achievable, too... Trust the programme. It looks crazy but somehow it works!


Yes it does look crazy :)


Well done. Each week is an eye opener isn't it. I remember the first time I thought there was only one minute left and I could definitely do one minute - such a change from week 1! Now I feel that way about five minutes left.

You'll be fine with week five, everyone worries about it and are amazed it can be done. Trust in the plan!


Yes I am still amazed at how I felt, I am sat here smiling and accepting the change in my thought process. I like Laura telling me when to walk/run, there is no guessing. Plan is doing its job (yes yes yes).

Glen :)


The only advice I would give re week 5 is the advice that has been given to me by everyone here.

Pace, pace and pace.

If you can manage that carefully, it will take care of itself.

Good effort so far Glen, just keep that attitude going !


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