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Week 3 completed

It's been a bit of a mixed week really.

Run 1 went surprisingly well, and I was amazed when hubby told me that the 3 minutes were up . He runs with me and has Laura on his phone. It works for us, as I have so many ailments that he would worry if I was out running on my own.

Run 2 was a whole other ballgame, and in hindsight I should have left it until the following day, but I like to run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday which gives me a few days rest before I start the new week. I was tired and wasn't very well hydrated and it showed! It was such hard work compared to run 1, and to be honest by the time I'd walked down the drive and passed next door I'd probably come up with 4 excuses not to go! I did it though, just one step at a time, one breath at a time, which is such a change in attitude. In week 1 I would have just stopped when everything was telling me to. The gremlins were well and truly at work, but I beat them, which for me is a major achievement. Getting to the end of what was a ' bad run' gave me more satisfaction than any of the ' good' ones have so far.

Tonight was so much better and I'm going into week 4 feeling okay about it. I've also covered the same distance in 18 minutes as I did in 20 minutes last week which must be some sort of indication that my fitness is improving, and that I'm actually getting a bit better at this running lark. The local builders' merchants isn't the most glamorous of destinations, but I'm always glad when I get there!

I'm actually surprising myself.

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Interestingly, I've just finished my first run through week 3 and feel very similar! Perhaps it's something to do with the run itself?

Either way, good on you for getting through it :D


Wow! That's awesome. Good for you. Woo hoo!


Yippee ..... You gained 2 minutes. Congratulations are in order


That's brilliant. Well done.


You're going well there, in many ways. I agree that it can be more satisfying to take on, and defeat the gremlins than to just overcome some challenge without too much struggle. Well done.


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