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I need to get back out there!

I have done so well getting off the couch and running on Mondays and Thursdays to fit in with work and kids. Week before last I was so proud running 4.3 miles in 44 mins on Monday and a 3 mile in 30 mins thursday after a night shift. Sadly this week I have had a rubbish cold with dizziness so running has been out. Hubs got me a garmin forerunner but it has sat on the side. I need to get out again tomorrow but I am really worried I have lost it and will find running a hard slog. I still have a croaky voice and cough but feel guilty prolonging it for longer.......

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Don't stress, honestly you won't lose much fitness after such a short break... but make sure you are feeling fully well before trying again.. don't lose your enthusiasm.. and you will be back in no time :)


Glad you feel a bit better.

Best thing, GET OUT THERE !!

You might wish to use 2 weeks before,

(3 miles in 44 mins ??!!??)

AND THEN the program from where you left off.

(OR Build yourself up again, from the 2 weeks before.)


Just get out there and run! Run walk if you like. Take your watch with you and just have fun ☺


Well I did it!!! This morning after taking the kids to school and the dog for a walk I finally got myself out of the door. Unfortunately hubs (my running partner and motivator, ex military runner) was at work so I had to go it alone. I had a route in mind, walking if needed or short cuts if necessary. But I did the whole route, all 3.65 miles of it in 38 minutes. I had to dig deep a couple of times and slow my pace for the inclines but I ran all the way. Well except when a pesky yappy dog tripped me up! And I also smiled as I watched the beautiful dappled sun shine through the trees. I loved it!! Thank you for encouraging me on......week 7 on my couch to 5k and I am still going.

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Ditto! I have been punishing myself internally for not pushing through my cold, but it's no good if you're not up to it. I got back out this morning (I'm only week 3). Still a tight chest and cough, but did it! Thinking about it, I think I would have felt worse had I attempted to run and not been able to complete. Good luck tomorrow!

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