I need to get out there!

So I've been going great guns since starting the c25k mid October, running 3 times a week, even when the wind was howling and it was chucking it down. I was heading towards mid-week 8 on the run up to Christmas, then got struck down with double tonsillitis-ie viral and bacterial. It really knocked me off my feet but I was looking longingly out of the window, excited about getting out there again. For the last week and a half it's been really icy so has stopped me going out and now I've developed a horrible cough, always get it after tonsillitis. This isn't a post to moan, more to confirm what other people have said before - it's just amazing the effects of running on your well being and attitude. In the last 3 weeks of non-running I've been really tired, lacking in focus, eating too much, looking jealously at other runners!! Just gives me even more motivation to get me trainers on again once this blumming ice melts. Here's to a healthy, motivated and energy-filled 2015.


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9 Replies

  • Hi Kate :) sorry to hear you have been suffering with Tonsillitis :D i know how painful that can be :( You are right about the effects of running , I have had to take a few days off but that was bad enough , it is amazing how quickly C25K does change your life and how running becomes such an integral part of our everyday routines :D Really hope you are back fully recovered and fittingf it soon and carry on to graduation and the running world beyond ,best wishes to you for now and 2015 :D

  • Yak traks for runners were talked about on here yesterday, from amazon. £30 though. I turned out yesterday in bettaware ice grips which did the job and kept me upright. I was just glad to be out after gawping through the window hoping for a sudden thaw.

    I hope you feel better soon. Tonsillitis is really quite debilitating

  • Thanks miss wobble and good tip about the ice grips, if it continues to be this cold I will certainly invest. Happy new year

  • Thanks Slow Rob, you're right - it's just part of what we do now and we miss it when we can't get out there! Can't wait to graduate, 3 more runs to go. Best wishes to you too!

  • Sorry to hear you've been so unwell. You'll really enjoy getting out there when you can, but take care of that throat in this cold weather.

    Happy new year!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner, am making sure I get fully better before I go back out. Happy new year to you!

  • I know! Got struck down with a horrible cough then Christmas got in the way and I ended up feeling turgid,sluggish and very glum. I'd forgotten what a mood lifter running is. Gutted yesterday when it was so icy in the morning, but by lunchtime it had melted so out I went!

  • Well done for getting out there, you're right -sluggish is the word I was looking for! It reminds me of my old self before I started this programme and I don't want to be going back there! I'll be raring to go once this cough goes. Happy new year

  • Great program isn't it! Sorry to hear you've had tonsillitis :( Hope the New Year finds you fighting fit and ready to run again :)

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