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Back out there

Yay!!!!! After a week where life has got in the way it was great to be back out running. It felt good!!!!!! :)

Did a cheeky 27 minutes and it was slow (covered 3.5k). Blame it on the first half which was all up hill...on a plus side it will help with my stamina!!!

Back on track & am telling myself I will not let life (well work!) get in the way again...if I keep telling myself that it might just work :)

Have a good weekend all!

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Great glad you managed to get back out there!! And well done on running up the hill I'm doing my best to avoid them at the moment but I need to tackle them before doing the parkrun ha :)


I may have over stated with hill but very long inclinde lol Feels like climbing a mountain:)


How dare Work get in the way of Running! I am seriously considering running to work (well part of the way) when I graduate..... good luck for the Park Run training - can't wait to hear how it goes


that sounds like a good plan and makes running part of every day life.


Well done, that is good to hear.


Love the 'cheeky' 27 minutes :)


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