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I wish i could get back out running :(

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It's so depressing... Not being able to run, i just need to vent some anger.

I had been doing c25k and c25k+ since march. I had made amazing progress, not being able to run at all, to being able to run 5km in 30minutes (and 12 seconds lol), on top of that losing seven and a half stone.

Tragedy struck however. I had being feeling unwell since August, which threw me out of running, it was undiagnosed at the time, but pretty obvious gall stone related. I got back into running despite the gap and made my best time of 30 mins.

A few weeks ago however I started to feel unwell, the same way i had multiple times over the last few months, it usually passed in a few hours.

Not this time, it lasted thirteen hours, and when those cramps went i got another set of pains. For 24 hours i couldnt eat or drink anything, and vomited up my entire stomach contents. As soon as i drank anything, it would come straight up.

Long story short, phoned my gp, told me to get down to A&E as soon as possible. Admitted for acute pancreatitas. Five days on a drip, a catheter and copious amounts of morphine they kick me out of hospital tell me to rest and come back in a month.

I am so tender i can barely stand up for ten minutes never mind run. I spoke to my gp a few days ago he told me to not do any vigorous exercise until they take the gallbladder out (operation should be scheduled from the meeting next month), because the muscles around my torso along with the movement could end up sending one of the stones on a little journey again.

I cant believe this has happened when i actually started to get good at running!

I suppose at least the weight loss has continued, even without the exercise, now just short of eight stone gone.

18 Replies
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Oh lordy, you've really been through the mill.You're just going to have to be patient. Your trainers will still be waiting for you when you recover.

I'm highly impressed with the weight loss. If you don't mind me asking, what was your weight/BMI when you started?

I hope you make a speedy recovery :-)

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Many sympathies for you, I had my gallbladder removed two and a half years ago. Before the op I suffered many painfull sleepless nights. After I'd recovered from the op (it took over a month) I decided things had to change, so I joined Tesco Online diets and lost 3st 12lb in a year. A year later I started C25K, and at the age of 49 I'm now the healthiest I've been in years.

So, hoping you get a date for your op real soon, so that you can then focus on getting back to running after your recovery.

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I had a bmi of 43 (21st9) and I now have a bmi of 27 (13st11).

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earl-grey-sianGraduate in reply to Gazter

That's incredible, well done. My BMI is around 30 at the moment. I work in an eating disorders service so there is food everywhere. When we eat with the patients, which is most days, we have to eat the same as them and not leave any. The problem is, they are on weight restoration diets, so it's not helping my waistline! I'm hoping that the C25K programme will help though. I'm only on week 3, but really enjoying it, to my great surprise.

Good luck with your treatment :-)

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Sorry to hear you have been through the wars health wise. You will just have to take it easy. But once that gall bladder is removed, you will be back on the road to recovery.

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GazterGraduate in reply to Burstcouch

Thanks, hope so :)

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You poor thing! Take all the time you need to recover and build up your strength. Pavements will still be there when you're fully recovered. Look forward to reading your bloggs, Good luck and chin up ;-)

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I really sympathize. Its so hard when you've finally got the running bug and then are told to stop. If it's any comfort at all virtually all of us have been there - and everyone of us will stop for injury at some time. I did my calf muscle in (technical term escapes me!) two days after graduating and the weeks of waiting until getting back out there were so frustrating. The worst of it for lots of people who have blogged is worrying how much stamina they will have lost and whether they will have to go back to week 1. I was out for about three weeks or so and then gradually got back in by running gingerly for 10 minutes then 15 then 20 etc. It didn't take that long to get back to running 30. I was suprised at how much easier it was to pick up stamina compared to during C25K. I'm sure you with your amazing weight loss and determination will soon be back in form even if you have a two month break..

Lots of courage and patience to you!

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So sorry to hear this Gazter; I feel your frustration but you need to rest, get better and then just gently ease back into running. As Delia says, the pavements/track/fields are going nowhere....

Eight stone lost?! Bloody hell, thats amazing!! Brilliantly well done!


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Sorry to hear about your health issue, but you know what it is and your health is the most important thing. Considering how amazingly well you've done over the last 6/7 months, you'll likely get back into running fairly quickly after the op and I bet you find that it won't take long to get back on form. All the best for your op and your return to running - a great incentive. And that weight loss is incredible - very, very inspiring.

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Thanks so much everyone !!

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Gazter, you've done amazingly well to lose so much weight, well done!! You won't take half so long to get back in shape once you are allowed to run again, due to muscle memory, so try not to fret too much. It is frustrating (I broke a toe a couple of months ago, just a month before my first charity 5K so I do know the feeling!) but as everyone else says, the pavements will still be there and you need to make the coming weeks as comfortable as possible. Good luck with it all, let us know how you get on and here's wishing you a super speedy recovery.

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Ah, poor you, Gazter, it all sounds awful and very painful. Hopefully having the gallbladder out will be a turning point and you will start to recover from then on. You've really been through it.

BUT... That weight loss is awesome, very well done! You should feel very proud of that, as well as having competed C25k with all those health difficulties and set backs. You must have a truckload of determination and that will get you through this and back to running. In the meantime be patient and do what the docs say - and then you can get on with your life - and running! Good luck and keep in touch.

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Ouch; that's not fun, in any shape or form. I've just run today for the first time in 2 weeks, after a prolonged visit from Mr Trotsky (picked up in Morocco), and while he was in residence I was both desperate to run and, until today, wholly unable to do so. So I understand your frustration in some small measure.

I guess you have no alternative but to sit it out until after surgery. At least you know, having done it once, that you can do it again and without this issue in the background. Fingers crossed for you.

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I sympathise SO much, same thing happened to me during wk 2 last year, 2 days of agony then hospital. I was told by a nurse on the sly :) that if I had any strong symptoms before my op to really ham it up and go to a&e where they would operate sooner. I was in a pretty bad way but things did settle enough for me to wait. You will be very fragile and the best thing as you know is to take good care of yourself and heal fully after your op to avoid any further complications and frustrations at not being able to run. Your weight loss is SO inspirational and I hope one day I will be where you are weight and fitness wise :) after all this you will be stronger, having rested and have even more appreciative of the amazing gifts you have given yourself. Stay focused on what you have achieved (your blessings) and this will get you through. Best wishes Jems

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Poor Gazter, please feel better. :(

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Gazter, your story is very inspiring. I am so sorry that you are side-lined with this. You will be able to get back to where you were, rest and take care of yourself! All the best.

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It is difficult when you've made such progress to stop for a while. In my first few weeks on this programme I remember running along and thinking please don't get an injury, please don't get an injury as I just didn't want to stop. I didn't want to lose the sense of well being I was getting from the running and I desperately didn't want to go back to the couch and put on the weight that I had lost. Suddenly I had energy, I was getting up and doing something outside on my own, my heart was pumping and I was feeling good. It's so true what they say when they say that exercise is the best pick me up. So when I did get a virus three weeks ago it was a terrible thing and I'm still struggling with it. I've managed 2 Wk 7 runs in all that time and I'm just not back in that zone. But I will be and so will you. We got off that couch once and we can do it again. I know your situation is much more difficult and may take longer but you just have to remember what your body is capable of if you let do what it is designed to do. We have to think of this as a lifestyle thing and there will be times when we can't run and times when we can. Good luck with everything - you've done amazingly well and hope the op goes ok.

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