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Back out there - feels good!

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Hi all,

Well, subsequent to the ankle injury, with three weeks of no running, I did two walk/runs with OH last week on Tuesday and Thursday , 4 miles and 3.5 miles. Did a 24 mile bike ride with him on Dartmoor on Sunday as well.

Yesterday I was itching to get out for a harder run so went off at 8.30am for a promised 30 mins and was so pleased I made the effort. I managed 3.5 miles in 33mins and 39 seconds. 6.3mph. The lungs held out for the hardest work I've done in a month and would have gone further but could feel the ankle a teeny bit.

Later on I went out with OH on his walk/run and we did another 5.4 miles (but much slower) so altogether did almost 9 miles yesterday. We did plenty of stretching on our return but still feeling it a bit today; not surprising really!!

I really enjoy going out with hubby and would thoroughly recommend getting out there with your partner if you can get them out for the exercise and for the chat (if you can manage it over the running). It's easier to do mutual stretching afterwards too! We gee each other on (got anything left? come on then!!) and can have a mutual moan to each other about aches and pains the following morning.

5 simple partner stretches:

Hopefully I'll get out again tomorrow for my own harder run, if not, it'll be Friday with the OH.

Keep running!!


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Well done on getting out, although I'd still be wary about doing too much too soon - you don't want the injury to come back and then have to have another few weeks off! Just take it easy for a week or two and if you feel any twinges slow down. Doesn't do to be impatient.....

I've got a head cold and was unsure whether to go out this morning. Decided I would as it's "above the neck" but only did a slow jog, about 5.6mph, but glad I did as I got to run in the snow and sleet (not that it's going to settle!)

Great that the other half is running too.

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CaroleCGraduate in reply to Caz9

Hi caz9,

Yes, I'm very wary of re-hurting myself. It is the harder running that got me the last time - doing the Bupa 10 mile intermediate training. Two miles into the ten mile run, OUCH on the ankle.

The ankle is feeling good this morning, knees too surprisingly. OH is local to this area while I'm a relative newcomer and so he knows all the footpaths and trails - every time we go out he shows me some new places so it's easier running off the harder surfaces and more interesting than my usual boring routes!!


I love that your other half goes with you, must be lovely motivation.

You must have been in the zone to do 9 miles after your injury. Hope you stay injury free now and thanks for the link too.

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Well done you, must be scary going out again after an injury. You must be in great shape.

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Glad you've managed to get back out there :)

I also run with my OH sometimes, well I'm running and he's practically walking next to me as I'm so slow!! But it does spur me on and he's very encouraging (claps when I get up a hill for example!).

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