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Back out there

I graduated three weeks ago, went on and ran my second parkrun shaving just under two minutes off my time, back out on the pavements on the Monday morning- and then IBS, time pressures and mental gremlins kicked in. I lost my mojo after a couple of IBS-D incidents, felt I was being swept rapidly backwards down the C25K ladder - legs, lungs and heart all struggling massively and my stomach and brain were totally against me. I haven't managed another parkrun- scared of the duration, the times of the other runners, the pain and actually of being too far from the loo and being unable to nip into the bushes with hubndreds of runners, volunteers and well-wishers around!!!

As a strategy to ensure I wasn't caught too far from the loo, last Friday I ran the week 9 podcast on a treadmill which was absolutely ghastly. Hot and although it's meant to be kinder to your joints it is mind-numbingly dull. Plus as I'm not used to it , I was really dizzy when I got off and could barely cope with walking let alone going down stairs. Hmmm!

I have managed to not have enough time to go for a run since. I'm convinced it's all excuses and my Ms Bossy-boots Goody-goody is having a right guilt-trip go at Ms Feeble. Which doesn't help! My leftover shingles pain isn't getting any better, my sleep is disturbed cos I can't get comfy! Wah!

Then, yesterday evening whilst out on a short dogwalk I decided that come what may I needed to get out there. As if I've been wearing blinkers all this time I realised I could 'keep it local', so as soon as I was back and the dogs were fed I got the GEAR on and out I went. I had somehow managed to initiate the stepping stones podcast, not the week9 one- decided not to go back for glasses and swap over, a change is a good thing, right?!... I decided to run 'round the block'- taking a variety of roads and blocks, in ever decreasing 'circles' around my own street, to ensure I could fairly easily end up back at my front door if required. I enjoyed (see? that word! ENJOYED!!!) the podcast, and the running, even though I was still wishing it was over at the end of every five minutes... I seemed less out of breath, I made it back and only had to cut the warm down time by half to get through the door and on the loo...

Ooops- massively, totally TMI. Sorry!

But I just wanted to share the relief and not just with getting on the loo but with getting out there and feeling once again that yes, I can do this, even if it means running round in circles in the streetlights... I can and I need to. In 37 Mins I covered 4.78km, that includes the walking sections. The middle splits averaged at 7:14/km which is not too bad at all given I thought I had totally lost my running mojo. It hurt but today all I have is vestigial hip and calf aches.

YAY! I think I may have found ways to get back up and running!


PS Anyone who thinks this might be a shopping opportunity to celebrate just make me a recommendation of what to buy now for the coming season's running... :) :) :)

PS2 that is probably the maddest tag list I have ever managed :)

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Rainshine, I was wondering how you were doing missus.

Oh IBS sounds really miserable :-( I'm glad you managed to get out and it was a good run too, go go Rainshine! I do hope you can get things sorted IBS wise, so you can get out there running freely again. I seem to remember you got fab times at Parkrun!

Onwards and upwards. X


Hello lovely. Sorry I haven't replied. Life got crazy - but thank you sooo much for your kind words. I can't face parkrun just now- and I wonder if I will ever get those times again! But I am hoping that my new tactic of running variants of 'round the block' for 30 mins which reassures me that I can get home 'in time' , combined with my aim of completing the stepping stones broadcast with something left and actually putting some force into my steps will help me get back out. Sorry to hear your news too. Owchy knee. onwards & upwards to you too x


That's a really good run by the sound of it and a great time too. And you used the word "enjoy" along with running so that's fabulous! I don't think you need any excuse to shop for new running gear. But when the weather gets colder, a base layer and longer leggings would be perfect and then when it's really chilly, some gloves and a hat. Enjoy your browsing!

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Hi IrishP- thanks so much! I have now run the stepping stones three times and have set myself the target of getting to the end (which I do) and carrying on a bit (which I definitely don't)- and then pushing more power into my paces :)

meantime I am looking forward to the shopping, just haven't had the time as yet :) !


Hey rainshine, good to hear you've managed to break through the gremlin mind games and get out for a proper run. Stepping Stones is a proper full on workout, so well done for getting through it AND enjoying yourself in the process. Sounds like you've found a way to run and manage your IBS issues - result!! :)


thank you so much ancient mum- what kind words! and I have seen your pic and you are NOT that ancient are you!

Really hoping that I can step back up to 2-3 times a week now instead of 1-2 times... latest prob is my shoulder is now so bad it takes me ages to get my sports bar on. About to shop for a front loader... :)


Rainshine, well done! Keep on going, I sympathise with the IBS.

I sometimes wonder if I have that if only midly, as my stomach seems to feel sensitve and upset at sometimes and when I run, does that sound familiar?

Perhaps I should try some gluten free food for a few weeks and see if any difference, but that will be hard, as like nice white French bread too much, but usually have whole meal..

Anyway, keep up the good running!


Hi davelinks

I absolutely do not want to go on these restricted diet approaches. I have a friend who has Crohn's, and he has tried every restrictive diet all to no avail. Having said ALL that- I am 'moving towards' the alkaline way and I think it helps, albeit that nuts and seeds, which form a strong element, can cause difficulties.

For me it's cramping, gas and unfortunately the D-word with sudden urgency thrown in. None of which is what you want when out for a run...

Thanks for your support- hope your stomach issues are improving!


Well done for plucking up the courage to get back out there, I hope the IBS problem eases up. Take it steady and enjoy your runs even if it is using the local roads near to where you live, hopefully you can venture further a field when you manage to sort your IBS out. Keep up the good work and enjoy it.


What a lovely, supportive reply- thank you! What a great bunch this forum is; we all have our own set of physical and mental issues and no-one is judgemental. Society could learn much... backatcha :)


Good luck with keeping going. I too have had gut issues while running but think/hope I have found ways of managing/outwitting them and I know you will too.


Hey there TT runner supreme! You must let me know what your ways of outwitting are! thanks- :)


If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be : Develop regular habits!

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