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Week 2 Run 2 done - worth waiting for!

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Hurrah! I have finally done the second run of the week - 6 days after the first. I had a lovely weekend with my parents, but got back a bit late to run last night. So today I was trying to decide whether to run tomorrow (when I am hoping not to have to go into work) or just go for it today. In the end, I went straight back out tonight when I got back from work, because I know myself too well and I know that I would just make excuses as to why I couldn't go later on: bits of work to do etc. I didn't have too long to get the run in as I have someone popping round to drop something off shortly, so I just included my walks to and from the gym in my 5 minute warm up and cool down - which worked well apart from having to pause briefly on the way in because my new gym card wouldn't work!! So the first run was a bit harder, but then the rest was fine. It was a bit harder than the first time, which I am putting down to the 5 day break but not intolerable by any means so I am not feeling as though I will need to repeat the week.

I'm really glad I got back on track (well, treadmill) and I KNOW that this was in part because of the support I have had from this forum already (thank you!). I can get another two runs in before my holiday now too so I can make a start on week 3, and then run on the day I go (am on a cruise ship so can do the run before we sail if I get my act together).

The other good news is that although I forgot my elbow brace, the elbow didn't hurt while I was running (unlike last time). I had promised myself that I would abort and run tomorrow with the brace on if it hurt, as the physio has stressed that exercise should be pain free. It was absolutely fine (though I will still wear the brace if I remember), so I am cautiously optimistic that the steroid injection is working.

Happy days!

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Well done x my run2 of weeks due wednesday

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Nailectric in reply to jiggle54

Thanks - we are going to do this, aren't we?! I shall think of you as I try to do run the same day!! x

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jiggle54Graduate in reply to Nailectric

We gonna nail it xxx here's to wednesday

Absolutely! xxx 👏👏

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So glad that your elbow is so much better! And well done on getting out there and getting that run in the bag. Very jealous of your impending cruise, hope you have an amazing time (maybe they'll have a treadmill on board) ;)

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Nailectric in reply to McFitty

Thanks, McFitty! It's a big relief about the elbow - it is a bit achy today so I have the brace on, but it is vastly better than it was. I'm sure that they have treadmills on board - the plan is to get on early and go find the gym before we sail. It will be really busy the next day as there is no port, so good to get the run in early! It should be fun - though not as hot as here by the sounds of things - main destination is Iceland!

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Sounds like it's going well.

There are usually treadmills on board so take your kit with you. Have to try and do something to counteract all that good food!

It's going much better than I thought it would, thank you! Yes, I am sure there will be treadmills - not been on this ship before, but have been with the cruise line before - and the deck plan shows quite a big gym. I've learned with the food on the last few cruises that the way to stop overeating is to go to the buffet restaurant rather than the big formal meals - same food quite often, but you can decide more easily when to stop!

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UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Nailectric

The buffets are my downfall! I always want to try a bit of everything!

Ha! When I post that I have hit the buffers, you'll know that I really mean the buffets!

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Well done, w2 r2 for me tomorrow, hope I can continue with this as its something I really want to do. Have a great cruise and I am sure there will be a treadmill on board 😀

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Nailectric in reply to Hidden

I think the difficult bit is feeling that if you once miss a run, it's all over - when of course it isn't. (I've never really dieted in a formal sense, but I suspect it is the same - people think that if they lapse for a day, they have undone all the good they did before - when that isn't really true.) That's the beauty of this forum, I think - you can read posts from other people who have had a bit of a break from the programme for whatever reason and then been able to go back to it.

Thanks for the holiday wishes - yes, I shall be on that treadmill. I think there is a promenade deck as well, but depending where it is, they don't like you running on it rather than walking, particularly if there are cabins underneath it... I thought I might do the odd mile round deck on rest days, although I have a feeling I will walk quite a bit at the various stops too.

Good luck with w2 r2 tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you!

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