Week 5 run 2 done :)

Week 5 run 2 done :)

Not a good day in Edinburgh. Horrible wind and snow. At work I was so called that I thought I won't be able to survive it. Haven't been so cold in ages. So I was not looking forward to my run. I was even thinking to postpone it but that would be a disaster with all my week plans. I came home and wait a while and the snow stopped and I went. I put too many clothes and got overheated a little bit. The beginning of first run was hard but at the end I didn't really have to stop but I did. Second run was harder but I do walk around 8 km at work, got up at 2.30 am, so I think I was tired. But I finished. Still not sure if I can do 20 minutes in the next run but I guess, we will see on Thursday.

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  • Hi Natalia00

    Yes you can do it! I'm only one run in front of you, finished w5 run 3 about an hour ago and it feels awesome. Just like everyone say on here "slow and steady" and you'll get through fine, you'll also feel like you can run round the world ( maybe I exaggerate) buts it feels amazing.

  • Thanks. I am hoping weather will spoil me on Thursday:)

  • "got up at 2.30 am, so I think I was tired". No idea why that should be ;-) You certainly have the grit to see you through C25K and I prophesy that running 20 minutes will cause you no difficulty, just plod on until the time is done.

  • My alarm was set for 2.50 am but bloody cats woke me up. Well, they woke me up at 1.30 am but I was strong and didn't get up :P I am not crazy cat lady tho. Just have good heart :)

    On Thursday I am off and full committed to this 3rd run. I am stubborn so I will do it :)

    Thanks for support:)

  • "At work I was so called..." is that the Scottish accent, hen? Och aye, the noo, etc. etc. :p

  • You exactly know it is :P Edinburgh North lol like my name :)

    Yes, it should be cold not called ;) I learned how to spell in school lol

  • You can definitely do it! Trust yourself and the plan and just plod on. You will be amazed. Good luck x

  • Thank you:) I am trying my best :)

  • Of course you'll do it! I'm lucky that, because I'm not working I can pick the best time to run, checking the weather forecast and trying to avoid the rain. My problem is generally the wind blowing across the flat fields of Norfolk!

  • I managed to find a way that 1/3 of the way is with wind in my face, 1/3 is from the side and 1/3 wind from behind. But yes, running in the wind is annoying. But if there is wind from behind I get my best result :)

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