Run 2 done

Week 3 run 2 completed after work. Found it slightly harder than run 1, but that was probably because it was straight after a nightmare day at work, in 27 degrees of full-on sunshine (too hot for me) and having had a fairly bad depressive episode yesterday that left me feeling exhausted, anxious and lethargic this morning. As I know from experience that exercise is good for depression there was no way I was going to wimp out of the run, but it did take extra effort. Hope everyone's runs are going well.


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12 Replies

  • Hi Bristol_plodder! 27 degrees? 27 degrees!!! That would wipe me out completely - stop beating yourself up you DID IT! I know where you are coming from with that kind of exhaustion and it is terribly hard to summon up the wherewithal to get yourself out and doing.

    Don't think about the world and his wife watching you because they're probably busy doing something else anyway.

    You are doing this for you and very soon you'll begin to feel real benefits for all your hard work. Your runs are your time to recharge you batteries, sort out any niggles that worry you, life will feel better very soon.

    Happy running! Oh, and don't wonder if you will ever get to 9 weeks. Just follow the programme, trust Laura and believe in yourself and you WILL do it!


  • Thank you Beek, much appreciated. I'll have to wait until I'm a bit more comfortable with the running before feeling the benefits you mention - at the moment my batteries are dying in the first 90 second run & not recharging and my befuddled, oxygen-starved brain can't even remember how many runs I've done (and I'm only doing 2 on week 3!!), let alone think about sorting niggles out. But thank you, your kind words are really helpful.

  • Hi BP! I know what you mean exactly. I have just come back from my GP and talked about my befuddled brain and extreme lethargy. She has agreed to let me reduce my medication (Sertraline) and she thinks the meds may be blocking the feel-good factor of running. Let's see what happens!

    I have to keep a small notebook to log my runs or I forget where I am up to! Hang on in there, you will feel benefits soon! GOOD LUCK

  • You sound very committed to me. Well done. Since I started C25k I have been in a ridiculously optimistic mood. Sure it's been a great summer, but this exercise thing really does give a potent psychological boost, as many others will attest. As wise Beek says, you will really start to feel the benefits of running soon and the progress that you have already made should give you cause for pride.

    Stick with it plodder, you are doing great.

  • Hi Iannoda. Thanks yet again. Previous exercise (such as walking and exercise bike) have helped when I've had low points before so hopefully the running will help to keep the dreaded 'black dog' at bay as well. Rain is forecast for tomorrow's run - that'll suit me better than the heat.

  • Well Done! I wimped today! Feel pants now!

  • It's not wimping at all - it's being sensible (see my reply to your post). When you say 'Feel pants now' is that an instruction...?!!

  • Well done on completing that. It's so hard when you feel below par. Keep at it - you sound amazing.

  • Thank you Waletta, I really do appreciate it.

  • Hi Bristol_plodder, hope you are feeling better today.

    Good on you for keeping going when you've had a bad day - as the wise Beek says above, you'll start to feel the benefits before too long.

    I know I find from personal experience that running helps my mood. I've been a much happier person since I started running.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Scipio. Feeling a bit better thanks. Rather looking forward to the 3rd run tomorrow if we get the rain (and 10 degrees colder) that we've been forecast for tomorrow - it'll be a new experience and change is as good as a rest as they say (although I doubt it'll feel like a rest!). Exercise has helped me with the depression in the past, so hopefully the new experience of running will help. Really glad that it helps you, and that in turn fills me with confidence, so thanks for that.

  • hey well done again BP and fellow wk 3 runner. as the old british rail advert goes "we're getting there"

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