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Just done my first outside run!

I started C25k last week and am now on W2R2, so far I have only run on the tradmill at the gym. After some couching from other bloggers I decided to give it a go. I did find it harder than the gym seems to hurt my shins more but I kept with it. No one mentioned about the runny nose thing (or is that just me?) and the watery eyes, so will remeber to take a tissue next time. It was nice to get out and have things to look out as it seem to make it go quicker, but because I had my earphones in kept thinking that there was someone behind me. anyway it wasn't as bad as I thought and will attempt it again next week :)

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Well done on your outdoor running, it does get better. The runny nose, watery eyes thing is not just you. I found that it gets better, I still take tissue as it doesn't go away completely but is less severe than it was at the beginning. I also run with just one earphone in and then I am aware of things around me, birds, traffic etc, I get the best of both worlds then, Laura's wisdom and nature!


Well done. I also have the runny nose thing going on and totally agree about the looking behind you syndrome!!!

Love being outdoors running, I do one run a week on the treadmill and on an incline of 1 - 2 but having a tv screen infront of you with 'homes under the hammer' on is no real motivation for me! te he :)

Keep it up and I'm right behind you with being on W2- catching you up!


Lol I have to stuff tissues down my bra - so no it's not just you!

Love running outside, not been on our treadmill for over 7 weeks now

Good for you :)


taking part is what matters,be careful jogging alone with earphones on,i always pester my daughter about that, you are so vulnerable! outside is far better than a gym too! good luck (wk3 run 3)


I keep my tissues in my gloves!

I started outside from day one as I always felt more self-conscious in the gym, what else is there to do except look at everyone else?

I use a cheap pair of behind the head earphones(£4.99 in sports direct) and can hear everything, my origonal (expensive ones) were too good at blocking out exterior sounds, I think cheap is best in this case.


Love outdoor running! You can always alternate if you are finding it difficult e.g one run outdoors and two at the gym. It is way more interesting than the gym though and nice feeling the wind on your face (just remember the tissues!) Good luck! :)


Wear shades! keeps the wind out of your eyes- I always wear gloves too as my hands get really cold- must look a right state but works for me!


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