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Hurrah! Just done Week 1 Run 2

I was a bit worried about the second run as I'd read that some people found it harder than the first. I followed all the advice: make the walk as brisk as possible, regulate breathing, don't run too fast. And it worked ... so well I thought I'd really have a go at running on the second to last run. Whoops! I nearly passed out when I slowed down to a walk!

Still, I did it and can't wait to do it again. I think this really might work - as long as I don't think ahead to the longer runs.

But my legs really are killing me. I've done some calf and quad stretches. Any other advice?

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Well done. Just go with one day at a time. As for aches and pains, they'll still be there for a few weeks. I found mine moved through the muscle groups. Soon though your recovery time will speed up. In the mean time, just keep the muscles warm by having little walks.

Keep up the great work :) You'll be doing the longer runs in no time, trust the programme it works x


Congratulations! I found the first 2 or 3 weeks harder than the next ones. Then, my body got used to do some exercise, and then it needed the exercise. I'm not addicted to running yet, but I truly enjoy those 40 (or so) minutes for myself... Keep at it!


OK so lots more pain ahead. Well at least I know! Thanks for your responses.


Good for you! Here is a site that I've found helpful and the stretches have just really started to work:


Thanks Suki - I'll give them a go. Though I'm pleased to report that post-run aches have virtually disappeared now that I'm on Week 3. No doubt they'll reappear as I push myself in later weeks so handy to have a stretch plan to follow.


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