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Week 3, run 2 (waves shyly from the corner).

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Hi guys, thanks for all of your posts - they really are keeping me motivated and spurring me on! Today I've just ran week 3 run 2 and managed it all - during run 1 I stupidly planned a hill in for my last 3 minute run and nearly died after 2 minutes running!

Lots of you are talking about running in the rain and, seeing as it's the glorious English summer, I had better get prepared - but what on earth do you wear? One of those hats with attachable brollies is my train of thought but think the other runners may laugh at me!!!


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Hi there - don't be shy! Sounds like it's going well.

For summer rain, I basically just get wet! Some people like to wear a cap to keep the rain out of their eyes but I just try to avoid running when it's very heavy. It's quite refreshing.

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Don't be shy... I have a fetching lightweight jacket with a hood from aldi that has done the job so far and some Crivit Sports (no, I'd never heard of them either) jogging bottoms that a friend took off her charity shop pile and gave to me. Miraculously they seem to repel water and so far the jacket's been great. They've not yet been tested in heavy rain but have coped with moderate (whatever the distinction is!). well done on the hill - you survived!!

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Hello! Like Ullyrunner suggests, just get wet! Once you are wet, you are wet!

I wear a cap, to keep the rain off my spectacles... :) It is hard to get yourself out when it is already lashing down, but if it rains when you are out, well you have no choice, you are there and have to carry on. Currently, with the humidity and warmth, it is as Ully says, very refreshing! :)

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Hi Clarabella sounds like your doing great, slow and steady is the key. I wear my normal running leggings and t.shirt to run in the rain, I soon get warmed up!! Might have to invest in a light weight jacket for winter but I can't stand been all bundled up.☺

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Morning.. welcome.. rain can be fun.. down side is it can be slippy with mud.. which slows me even further.. but I still go out.. lets face it... if we didn't with our great British summer..it may be long gaps between runs:(

But good luck..you are doing great.. keep posting .. x

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sparky66Graduate in reply to sparky66

Ps I wear a cap.. keeps rain out my face :)

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Hi! Sounds like you are getting hooked on this running lark👍 I just go out and get wet. Wearing 'proper' running gear helps as it doesn't cling to you when it's wet and leave you feeling 'overexposed' in the manner of a wet t-shirt contest 😱, it also dries quite quickly if by some miracle it stops raining. Good luck and keep on running 🏃

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Attachable brollies... Haha... Love it.

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Well done for getting through the run with the hill!

If the weather looks like rain I wear my lightweight anorak - but if you're running and being active, a bit of rain doesn't hurt.

Hi living in Scotland I seem to be forever running in the rain. I wear proper running clothes which help and a lightweight jacket if windy. I get wet but haven't been cold. .. I put paper in my shoes on return to dry them off and clothes over the radiator or in the wash It's actually quite refreshing and liberating but I hate the puddles - soggy feet are not nice.

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